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December 9, 2017

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Randall Kromm: Arms Wide Open Rough and Polished Stones self no#
  3. Winterbloom: Heart Wide Open (Anne Heaton-Meg Hutchinson- Antje Duvekot-Natalia Zukerman) (Folkstage-December 1, 2012) WFMT recording
  4. Laura Smith: My Gate's Wide Open It's a Personal Thing Universal 81033
  5. Tracy Chapman: Open Arms Matters of the Heart Elektra 961215-2
  6. Usher's Island (Andy Irvine, Donal Lunny, Paddy Glackin, Mike McGoldrick, John Doyle): John Doherty's - The Four Courts / Jenny's Chickens (John Doherty, PD) Usher's Island Compass 74701-2
  7. Beyond the Pale: Ruckus in Ralja (Bret Higgins) Ruckus Borealis 245
  8. Uncle Ruthie Buell: The "Authentic" Folk Song The Mystery of Time self 03
  9. Greg Trafidlo: Ballad of Libby Congriss The Crawlspace Tapes Kira 4050
  10. Tom Lehrer: The Irish Ballad The Remains of Tom Lehrer Warner Rhino 79831
  11. Rupert Wates: The Balladeer The Lights of Paris Bite 12113
  12. Greg Klyma: My Old Guitar Never Knew Caroline self 11574-81852
  13. Bob Gibson: Living Legend (Shel Silverstein) The Living Legend Years BobGibsonLegacy 1001
  14. Katy Moffatt: Santa Ana Winds (K.Moffatt-Tom Russell) Where the Heart Is Centerfire 014
  15. Danny Schmidt: California's On Fire Little Grey Sheep Waterbug 79
  16. Merlin Snider: Stuck in Ojai Right Here self 00261-26292
  17. Greg Klyma: Kristofferson Never Knew Caroline self 11574-81852
  18. Kris Kristofferson & friends: Why Me The Life & Songs of Kris Kristofferson (tribute compliation) Blackbird no#
  19. John Flynn: Backstage with the Devil (A Song for Kris) Mercy self 01344-00112
  20. Eric Gerber Three (Jeff Hogan, Greg Lowry): Devil's Gate (Neale Eckstein) Eric Gerber Three Scruffy Dog 88295-63909
  21. The Cowboy Way (Doug Figgs-Jim Jones-Marium Funke): Halfway Down the Devil's Road (Jim Jones-Allan Chapman) The Cowboy Way self 88295-51801
  22. George Ensle: Devil's Mountain Retrospective Berkalin 78572-27104
  23. Johnsmith: Happy Place Ginkgo Blue Pine 88295-65806
  24. Sloan Wainwright: If You Want to Be Happy (S.Wainwright- Jana Standfield-Sue Riley) Bright Side of a Rainy Day Derby Disc 00261-44799
  25. Darryl Purpose: Granted Gift of the Magi & other seasonal stories Gambler Grace 882002
  26. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Don't Need Much to Be Happy Ashes and Roses Zoe 01143-1150-2
  27. Paul Sills' Story Theatre (orig.cast): The Golden Goose (trad) with the song Here Comes the Sun (Geo. Harrison) Paul Sills Story Theatre Columbia 30415
  28. Eric Andersen: Mingle with the Universe (Ocean) (Eric Andersen/ Lord Byron, fr. Childe Harold) Meyer 213
  29. (Judi) Jaeger & (Bob) Reid: From Way Up Here (Malvina Reynolds- Pete Seeger) self 191924135386
  30. Yusef - Cat Stevens: Blackness of the Night The Laughing Apple Verve-Decca 0027230-02
  31. Kim Beggs: Heart in a Bucket Said Little Sparrow self 41533-76125
  32. Harry Belafonte & Odetta: A Hole in the Bucket (trad-Belafonte-Odetta) Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall RCA Victor 09026-62690-2
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  34. Christine Lavin w/ Don White: Hole in the Bottom of the Sea (Lavin) Spaghettification self 88295-62285
  35. The Guy Mendilow Ensemble (Sofia Tosello & Guy Mendilow, vocals): A La Nana (Lord, Protect Them) / El Conde Nino (The Young Count) (trad, arr.-adpt. Guy Mendilow) Music from The Forgotten Kingdom self 88295-63383
  36. John Duhan: Advent 2013 The Irishman's Finest Collection ARC 2763
  37. Sofia Talvik: When Winter Comes Makaki 19
  38. Ruth & Max Bloomquist: First Snow (Ruth Bloomquist) On a Canvas Painted Blue Ruby 817
  39. Claudia Schmidt: Winter (David Stoddard) Hark the Dark Pragmavision 00261-46122
  40. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken In Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Randall Kromm, Usher's Island, Rupert Wates, Greg Klyma, Johnsmith, Eric Andersen, Jaeger & Reid, Cat Stevens, Eric Gerber, George Ensle, Kim Beggs, John Duhan, Sofia Talvik, Ruth & Max Bloomquist, Claudia Schmidt

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