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010 - 2020

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Anne Heaton: Celebration To the Light self 781698-260877
  3. Pete Seeger: I Celebrate Life (Jean Ritchie) Dear Jean - Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie Compass 746312
  4. David Mallett: Celebration (David & Luke Mallet) North Road 06548-68572
  5. Ghazalaw: Moliannwn (Let's Celebrate!) (trad, arr. Gwyneth Glyn- Tuaseef Ahktar) The Ultimate Guide to Welsh Folk ARC 2744
  6. Steep Canyon Rangers: Las Vegas (Graham Sharp) Tell the Ones I Love Rounder 11661-91682
  7. Woody Allen: Vegas Standup Comic Rhino R2 75721
  8. Sparrow Blue: Las Vegas (Katy Boc-Todd Nickerson) Rabbit in the Moon self 191924-502186
  9. Dan Weber: The Second Time Was Vegas Folkstage - March 4, 2017 WFMT recording
  10. John McCutcheon: Y'all Means All Trolling for Dreams Appalseed 2107
  11. Peter Mayer: Everybody In Catching Rain Blue Boat 1211
  12. Greg Greenway: Lately (The Church of What Is) Standing on the Side of Love Face 005
  13. John McCutcheon: To Everyone In All the World (Pete Seeger) Appalsongs 2009
  14. Frank & Anne Heaton: The Donut Song To the Light self 781698-260877
  15. Slim Gaillard Quartet: Dunkin' Bagel (Gaillard) Black Sabbath Iselsohnsociety 018
  16. Mickey Katz: Bagel Call Rag (E.Schoebel-B.Meyers-J.Petis) Greatest Schticks Koch 8058
  17. Brian Regan: Donut Lady Live Uproar 3777-2
  18. John McCutcheon: Ode to a Krispy Kreme Passage Appalsongs 2010

Station Break

  1. (Michael) Flanders & (Donald) Swann: The Wild Boar The Bestiary
  2. Eden MacAdam-Somer & Larry Unger: Old Bangam and the Wild Boar (trad) Through Many a Land Black Socks 31
  3. Jimmy Webb w/ Art Garfunkel: Shattered Still Within the Sound of My Voice e-one 2395
  4. Crys Matthews: Shatterproof The Imagineers self 700261458595
  5. David Piper: The Family Dog Trail Trough 1326
  6. Eric Kilburn: Mystery Strings My Own Mistakes Wellspring 007
  7. Keith Sykes: Gypsy (trad/arr.Sykes) Keith Sykes Vanguard 6548
  8. Adam Agee (fiddle) & Jon Sousa (guitar): An Giorra san Arbhar (The Hare in the Corn) / Port Phadraig Ui Chaoimh (Patrick O'Keefe's Jig) (trad) Ceol na gCarad (Key-ole nug Ga-rud) self 00261-46518
  9. Natalie MacMaster w/ Tim Edey: Patricia Kelso's (N.MacMaster) Sketches Linus 270431
  10. Lois Morton: Dentally Speaking Thinking It Through self 55491-15138
  11. Phil Ward: My Funny Dentist Easily Amused Trough 1308
  12. Camille West: Root Canal of the Heart Diva's Day Off Mother Tongue 103
  13. Son of Town Hall (Ben Parker, Jr. & David Berkeley): To Breathe Is to Burn The Adventures of Son of Town Hall self 43563-11803
  14. Pete Mayer: Breathe In Catching Rain Blue Boat 1211
  15. Katie Dahl: Breathing Room Wildwood Leaky Boat 00261-47688
  16. Jeff Gilkinson w/ Jon Vezner: Dragonflies Reprise Hymn to the Road Self 04915-21082

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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