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007 - 2020

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Sally Potter & Pat Madden: Somebody Feels the Water (Thom Bishop) It's About Time self no#
  3. Friction Farm (Aidan Quinn & Christine Stay): Calm Is Worse Than the Storm So Many Years self 00261-45597
  4. John McCutcheon: The Reason I'm Here Trolling for Dreams Appalseed 2017
  5. Greg Greenway: What Must Be Done Weightless Face 004
  6. Tick, Tick. . . Boom! (orig. cast-Raul Esparaza, Jerry Dixon, Amy Spanger): Louder Than Words (Jonathan Larson) RCA Victor 09026-68362-2
  7. Don White: Breaking Up with My Muse, Part One Live at the Guthrie Center Lumperboy 14118-01060
  8. Neil Sedaka: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do CTS Digital
  9. Don White: Breaking Up with My Muse Part Two Live at the Guthrie Center Lumperboy 14118-01060
  10. Kipyn Martin: Undercover Muse self no#
  11. Leyla McCalla w/ Rhiannon Giddens, Allison Russell, Dirk Powell: I Knew I Could Fly (L.McCalla) Songs of Our Native Daughters Smithsonian Folkways 40232
  12. The Lasses (Margot Limburg & Sophie ter Schure): Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song) (trad) Daughters self no#
  13. Leyla McCalla w/ Rhiannon Giddens: Search (Leyla McCalla/Langston Hughes) Vari-Colored Songs Music Maker 142
  14. Garnet Rogers w/ Archie Fisher: My Name Joe (David Massengill) The Best Times After All - Live Snow Goose 1137
  15. Keb' Mo': This Is My Home (Kevin Moore-John Lewis Parker) Oklahoma Concord 1019
  16. Tommy Sands: Refugees Fair Play to You All Spring 1066

Station Break

  1. The Kids: Sesame Street Theme (J.Raposo-J.Stone-B.Hart) Platinum All-Time Favorites Sony Wonder 67660
  2. Zoe Mulford: The Street That Wasn't There Traveling Moon Winged Seed 83707-84012
  3. Ernie - Jim Henson (Sesame Street): Rubber Ducky (Jeff Moss) Platinum All-Time Favorites Sony Wonder 67660
  4. Danny Kaye: Little White Duck (Barrows-Zaritsky) The Best of Danny Kaye Music Club 233
  5. Kermit - Jim Henson (Sesame Street): Bein' Green (Joe Raposo) Platinum All-Time Favorites Sony Wonder 67660
  6. Michael Smith: The Princess and the Frog Such Things Are Finely Done Tales From the Tavern 019
  7. Susan Werner: What He Said in Jackson Square NOLA - Susan Werner Goes to New Orleans self 88295-87599
  8. Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes: Better Run and Hide Flying Backwards self 88295-94292
  9. Jean Shepherd: The Fun Funeral Jean Shepherd and other foibles Collectors' Choice 343-2
  10. Louis Armstrong: When the Saints Go Marching In (trad) Louis Armstrong - Ken Burns Jazz Columbia Legacy 61440
  11. Son of Town Hall (Ben Parker, Jr. & David Berkeley): The Man with Two Wives The Adventures of Son of Town Hall self 43563-11803
  12. Steve Key: Wife Number Five How I Learned to Drink self 00261-47880
  13. Greg Klyma: Ex-Girlfriends Cost Less Money Than Ex-Wives Live in Buffalo self 93573-64633
  14. Davey Graham: Fairie's Hornpipe (trad) The Complete Guitarist Kicking Mule3914-2
  15. Archie Fisher w/ Garnet Rogers: Mary Ann (trad) The Best Times After All - Live Snow Goose 1137
  16. Sam Shaber: Mary-Anne Perfect Brown Chair 3263
  17. Brother Brothers: Mary Ann (Adam & David Moss) Some People I Know Compass 74725-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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