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046 - 2019

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Terri Hendrix: Worthy (Lloyd Maines-Terri Hendrix) Talk to a Human Wilory 30016
  3. The Dreamsicles (Cary Cooper & Tom Prasado-Rao): Worthy (C.Cooper) Folkstage - February 9, 2008 WFMT recording
  4. (Miranda) Dawn & (Chris) Hawkes: Love You Forever Yours and Mine self 59715-19934
  5. The Lark and the Loon (Jeff Rolfzen & Rocky Steen-Rolfzen): Shine What You Got The Lark and the Loon 2 self 62988-60435
  6. Amy Speace: This and My Heard Beside (A.Speace/Emily Dickenson) Me and the Ghost of Charlemagne Windbone 00219
  7. Jake Morley: Heart Song Tell It To Me Straight Sandwich Emporium no#
  8. The Once: The Blood Inside Your Heart (for Olive) (Phil Churchill, Geraldine Hollett, Andrew Dale) We Win Some We Lose self 90443-96844
  9. Kate Campbell w/ Will Kimbrough: This, and My Heart Beside (Campbell-Kimbrough) Damn Sure Blue Large River 34457-49520
  10. Gina Forsyth: Don't Bury Me (trad) Copper Rooser and other Tunes and Tales Waterbug 125
  11. John Prine: Please Don't Bury Me Souvenirs Oh Boy 021
  12. (Natalya) Zoe (Weinstein) & (John) Cloyd (Miller): Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie (trad) Equinox self 00261-41904
  13. John Flynn: Bury Me With My Guitar Poor Man's Diamonds self 009
  14. Susan Pepper: Bury Me with My Fiddle (trad) Hollerin' Girl Ballad 102
  15. (Kip) Winter & (Dave) Wilson: I'd Rather Be Ashes than Dust Live & Unconventional self 193428-922235
  16. Chris Kennedy w/ Tom & Dylan May: Jack London (Chris Kennedy) Winterfolk XV (compilation) Sisters of the Road 70213-24772
  17. Ben Bedford: Goodbye Jack Lincoln's Man Butterchine 37101 29434

Station Break

  1. Hot Club of Cowtown: Three Little Words (Harry Ruby-Burt Kalmar) Wild Kingdom Gold Strike 006
  2. Chicago A Cappella: Three Words (Juhani Kamulainen/Wm.Shakespeare) Shall I Compare Thee? Cedille 90000-085
  3. Da Vinci's Notebook: Three Little Words (Greg DiCostanzo-Paul Sabourin) The Life and Times of Mike Fanning self 2112
  4. Bob Bovee & Pop Wagner: Rise When the Rooster Crows (trad) Folkstage - August 31, 2013 WFMT recording
  5. Larry Hanks & Deborah Robins: Rooster on a Limb (Frank Rice-Ernest Stokes) Old Days Zippety Whippet 00261-34574
  6. Gina Forsyth: Copper Rooster Waterbug 125
  7. Amy Speace: Grace of God Me and the Ghost of Charlemagne Windbone 00219
  8. Kirtana: Why the Sufis Whirl This Embrace Wild Dove 104
  9. The Burns Sisters: God's Promise (Ellis Paul/Woody Guthrie) Wild Bouquet Ithaca 83707 40042
  10. Tootsie (orig.B'way cast-Michael Dorsey): Whaddya Do (David Yazbek) Decca Verve 0030379-02
  11. Roy Book Binder: What You Gonna Do The Good Book Peg Leg 7007-7
  12. Brandi Carlile: Whatever You Do By the Way, I Forgive You Elektra 565226-2
  13. Pat Wictor: That's the Way It's Gonna Be (Phil Ochs-Bob Gibson) Phil Ochs Song Night - Old Town School of Folk Music, October 24, 2009 WFMT recording
  14. Reggie Harris: Do What I Have to Do (I'm Gonna Say It Now) (Phil Ochs) Folkstage - December 22, 2018 WFMT recording
  15. Artisan: One Minute Song (Brian Bedford) Rocking at the End of Time Bedspring 9103

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