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024 - 2019

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Braden Gates: Coffee Shop Pictures of Us Borealis 253
  3. David Glaser: Caffeine and Nicotine Caffeine/Nicotine Newsu 88295-83549
  4. Aliotta-Haynes-Jeremiah: Nicotine in the Nick O' Time (Haynes-Von Heitlinger) Songs Quicksilver 1025
  5. Katie Dahl: Snakes Ordinary Band Waterbug 122
  6. Adam Carroll: Caroline (A.Carroll-Brian Rung) I Walked In Them Shoes self 193428-655508
  7. Molly Tuttle: Million Miles (M.Tuttle-Jewel Kitcher-Steve Poltz) When You're Ready Compass 74727-2
  8. Cheryl Wheeler: Pop Tarts and Spam (with intro) Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler - Live DIAS 00261-83927
  9. Camille West: The Nervous Wreck of the Edna Fitzgerald Mother Tongue Mother Tongue 102
  10. Les Barker: Disaster at Sea The War on Terrier Mrs. Ackroyd 018
  11. Larry Kaplan: Turn the Boat Around Live at Bound for Glory! Hannah Lane 00261-47207
  12. The Malvinas (Gina Forsyth): Somewhere Off the Foot of This Mountain (G.Forsyth) God Bless the Grass Soona Songs 020
  13. Rev. Robert Jones & Matt Watroba: Sowin' on the Mountain (trad) Common Chords Common Chords 122
  14. Darlingside: Extralife More Doug 003
  15. Lula Wiles (Eleanor Buckland, Isa Burke, Mali Obomsawin): Bad Guy What Will We Do Smithsonian Folkways 40233
  16. John Smith: Axe Mountain (Revisited) Hummingbird Commoner 01
  17. Linda Allen: Me Too Singing the News October Rose1021

Station Break

  1. Matt Watroba & Rev. Robert Jones: Could You Love Me (Watroba) Common Chords Common Chords 122
  2. Peter, Paul & Mary: I'm in Love with a Big Blue Frog (Stookey-Yarrow- Travers-Braunstein) The Collection Reader's Digest OPCD-8505
  3. Tom Russell: Back Streets of Love October in the Railroad Earth Frontera 13
  4. Liz Carroll & Jake Charron w/ Joanie Madden: The Bird / The Greek Petunia (Liz Carroll) Half Day Road self 0002
  5. Cherish the Ladies: Reels - Paddy Mills Fancy / Eel in the Sink / Johnny Henry's (trad) Heart of the Home Big Mammy 0009
  6. Darlingside: Futures Extralife More Doug 52830-51222-1
  7. Michael Troy: Never Too Late Mill Town Boy self 86851-2681-2
  8. The Avant Gardeners: It's Never Too Late / It's Not Forever (Laura Light) Stronger Than Dirt self 83707-55822
  9. Crys Mattews: Holding Space The Izzles Ballads, Volume II self 00261-42729
  10. Cheryl Wheeler: One Step at a Time Pointing at the Sun Dias 1001
  11. Leslie Tucker: One Step at a Time In This Room Compass 74228-2
  12. Connie Kaldor: I Go Out Walking Vinyl Songbook Coyote 1030
  13. John McEuen: Keep On Walking Acoustic Traveller Vanguard 79484-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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