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023 - 2019

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Carrie Newcomer: Writing a Better Story The Point of Arrival Available Light 05
  3. Paul Simon: Rewrite So Beautiful or So What Hear 32814-02
  4. Gathering Sparks: I Ain't Finished With This Journey Yet Gathering Sparks self 61297-41733
  5. Molly Tuttle: Take the Journey (M.Tuttle-Sarah Siskind) When You're Ready Compass 74727-2
  6. D.C. Bloom: Upside of Down Pack Up the Moon self 00261-47304
  7. Connie Kaldor: Grandmother's Song Wood River Coyote 1010
  8. Stan Rogers: Lies Northwest Passage Borealis 217
  9. Linda Allen: Bent Over Woman Singing the News October Rose 1021
  10. Nell & Jim Band: Old and In the Way (P.J.Downing-L.J.Billings) / EMD (David Grisman) Steel Whippoorwill 0589
  11. Cheryl Wheeler: Where's All the Money Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler - Live Dias 1002
  12. Magpie: Follow the Money (Greg Artzner-Terry Leonino) Of Changes and Dreams Sliced Bread 75320
  13. Skinner & T'witch (Steve Skinner & Sandra Twitchet): Money, Money, Money (S.Skinner) Everybody's Grotty self no#
  14. Cheryl Wheeler, w/ Kenny White: We're the Bank Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler-Live Dias 1002
  15. Sally Rogers & Claudia Schmidt: Angels Carry Us Away (C.Schmidt) Evidence of Happiness self 00261-35207
  16. Robert Jones & Matt Watroba: I Heard the Angels Singing (Rev.Gary Davis) Common Chords Common Chords 122

Station Break

  1. Darlingside: Hold You Head Up High Extralife More Doug 52830-51222-1
  2. (Ian) Bruce & (Ian) Walker: I Stand Tall Born to Rottenrow Greentrax 2023
  3. Leyla McCalla, Rhiannon Giddens, Allison Russell: I Knew I Could Fly (L.McCalla-A.Russell) Songs of Our Native Daughters Smithsonian Folkways 40232
  4. Elaine Romanelli: Real The Hour Before self 88295-24554
  5. The Malvinas-Beth Cahill: Meteorite (E.Cahill) God Bless the Grass Soona Songs 020
  6. Connie Kaldor: One Hit Vinyl Songbook Coyote 1030
  7. Joel Mabus: You Voted Red No Worries now... Fossil 2009
  8. Art Podell: Maybe Best We Change the Subject (private recording)
  9. James McCandless: I'm Pushing My Agenda (private recording)
  10. Danny Schmidt: Newport '65 Standard Deviation Live Once 10
  11. Bob Dylan: Like a Rolling Stone (alternate take 11) Bootleg Series Vol. 12 - Bob Dylan 1965-1966 - The Best of the Cutting Edge Columbia 88875-124422
  12. Phil Ward: Bob Dylan's a Genius Easily Amused Trough 1308
  13. Emily Kaitz: Bob Dylan's 300 Game Terminally Trendy Pingleblobber 9601
  14. Bob Dylan: Blowin' the Wind The Best of Bob Dylan Columbia Legacy 82876-75013-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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