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017 - 2019

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. The Earls of Leicester-Jeff White, lead: I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow (Flatt & Scruggs, AP Carter) Live at the CMA Theater Rounder 11661-00425
  3. Tim O'Brien: Maggie's Farm (Bob Dylan) Red on Blonde Sugar Hill 3853
  4. Mustard's Retreat: The Bricklayer (The Sick Note) (Pat Cooksey) There. . .and Back Again Yellow Room 007
  5. Carrie Newcomer: I Meant to Do My Work Today Before & After Rounder 11661-3276-2
  6. Steep Canyon Rangers: Lay Myself Down (Graham Sharp) Tell the Ones I Love Rounder 11661-9168-2
  7. Noah Zacharin: Lay By My Side A Startle of Wings self no#
  8. Bob Dylan: Lay Lady Lay Biograph Columbia 38830
  9. John McCutcheon: Waist Deep in the Big Muddy (Pete Seeger) To Everyone In All the World - A Celebration of Pete Seeger Appalsongs 2019
  10. Wes Weddell: We Had Reasons Somewhere in the Middle Dusty Shadows 1901
  11. Joel Mabus: A Special Kind of Hell Time & Truth Fossil 2719
  12. The Earls of Leicester: Big Black Train (Stanley Johnson- George Sherry) Live at the CMA Rounder 11661-00425
  13. Joel Mabus: Last Train Home Time & Truth Fossil 2719
  14. Anne Hills: Transcontinental Tracks Hand & Heart 2014
  15. Peter Sellers: She Loves You (Cockney version) A Celebration of Sellers EMI7243-827781-2
  16. The Beatles: She Loves You (in mono) (Lennon-McCartney) The Beatles - The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 Apple-EMI 7243-866878-2
  17. Singing Dogs: She Loves You (Lennon-McCartney) Live from the Pound - The Lost Tapes Dove Audio 60020

Station Break

  1. Eric Brace-Peter Cooper-Tomm Jutz: Down Along the River (Jutz-Brace) Riverland Red Beet 0024
  2. Cathy Barton & Dave Para: Huckleberry Finn (Bob Dyer) Living on the River Roustabout 04
  3. The Cowboy Way: Flow Rivers Flow (Jim Jones-Bruce Huntington) Go West self 88295-82261
  4. John McCutcheon w/ Tom Chapin: River Gonna Carry Me (J.McCutcheon) Doing Our Job Rounder 04112
  5. Carrie Newcomer: A Map of Shadows The Geography of Light Philo 11671-1253-2
  6. Mandy Patinkin: Me and My Shadow (Al Jolson-Dave Dreyer/Billy Rose) Mandy Patinkin CBS 44943
  7. O'Brien Party of 7: As Long As There's a Shadow (Roger Miller) Reincarnation: The Songs of Roger Miller Howdy Skies 1006
  8. Mandolin Orange: Into the Sun (Andrew Marlin) Tides of a Teardrop Yep Roc 2638
  9. Groundhog Day (orig.cast): There Will Be Sun (Tim Minchin) Masterworks 88985-43101-2
  10. The Chieftains: The Dingle Set - Willie's Single / King of the Pipers / The Glen Road to Carrick (trad, arr.Sean Keane) Water from the Well RCA 09026-63637-2
  11. Barrule: To Dingle with Love set - Betsy Baker's (trad) / The Wind That Shook the Barley (trad) / From Dingle with Love (Jamie Smith) Manannan's Cloak Wardfell 04
  12. Sophie Buskin: When I Need You Most of All (David Buskin) Sweet Creature self 88295-84155
  13. Five Letter Word (Clara Baker, Leigh Jones, Audra Nemir): Still You Stay Siren self no#
  14. Noah Zacharin: Woke Like a Lark A Startle of Wings self 801
  15. Terry Klein: Anika Tex self 25479-98782
  16. Claire Hamill: Wall to Wall Carpeting October Island 9331
  17. Mara Levine with Caroline Cutroneo, Bob Harris & Michael G. Ronstadt: Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye (Leonard Cohen) Facets of Folk self 00261-47226

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