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015 - 2019

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Hello Dolly! (orig. B'way cast-Carol Channing): Hello Dolly! (Jerry Herman) RCA Victor 82876-51431-2
  3. Dolly Parton: Marry Me Little Sparrow Sugar Hill 3927
  4. (Lynn) Adler & (Lindy) Hearne: Opposites Attract Spring Hollow 0105
  5. Ellen Bukstel: Opposites Never Attract Legacy of Love self 00261-47122
  6. Hello Dolly! (orig. B'way cast-Carol Channing): I Put My Hand In (Jerry Herman) RCA Victor 82876-51431-2
  7. Terry Klein: Daddy's Store Tex self 25479-96782
  8. Lauren Heintz: Big Time Adventure and Small Town Hardware Store Where I Belong Gatorbone 0050
  9. Phil Henry: Ruthie's General Store Aberdeen self 88295-16169
  10. John McCutcheon: Letter to Eve (Pete Seeger) To Everyone In All the World - A Celebration of Pete Seeger Appalsongs 2019
  11. Rachael Kilgour: Garden Game Changer New Song 1901
  12. The Malvinas (Lisa Markley): Eve Takes the Fall Love Hope + Transportation self 1116
  13. Jean Shepherd: The Human Comedy Jean Shepherd and other foibles Collectors' Choice CCM-343-2
  14. Starting Here Starting Now (orig.B'way cast-Magery Cohen): Watching the Big Parade Go By (David Shire Richard Maltby, Jr.) RCA Victor 2360-2
  15. Hello Dolly! (orig.B'way cast-Carol Channing): Before the Parade Passes By (Jerry Herman) RCA Victor 82876-51431-2

Station Break

  1. Dervish: Apples in Winter (trad,arr.Dervish) Decade Compass 74326-2
  2. Shoormal (Joyce McDill, v.): Woods in Winter (Joyce McDill-Trevor Smith) Turning Tide Greentrax 301
  3. Michael Smith: Vampire Love Letter on a Fish Tales from the Tavern 30
  4. David Mitchell & Robert Webb: Vampire Lore That Mitchell & Webb Sound Series 5 BBC Audio
  5. Loudon Wainwright III: Vampire Blues More Love Songs Edsel 8046
  6. Trillium: Baby Everett's Music Box Rag (Mim Eichmann) The Rattlin' Bog Little Miracles 00261-43034
  7. Connemara (Cathy Palmer & Grace Griffith) w/ Jody Marshall, hammered dulcimer, Zan McLeod, guitar & bouzouki: Abbie's Music Box (C.Palmer) / The Witch of the Wave (trad) Siren Song Blix Street 10031
  8. Connla: Matinee at Charlie's (Emer Mallon) The Next Chapter self 88295-69400
  9. Hadestown (orig.cast-Nabiyah Be & Patrick Page): Why We Build the Wall (Anais Mitchell) Parlophone 90295-88727
  10. Nick Annis w/ Elizabeth Crisfield: Children of a Mayan God Apples & Oranges self no#
  11. Rod MacDonald: The Wall Beginning Again Blue Flute 12
  12. Tom Russell: Who's Gonna Build Your Wall? Wounded Heart of America Hightone 8196
  13. The Lucky Nows -Jen Cass, v: Borders Rise Reed 88295-72940
  14. John McCutcheon: To Everyone in All the World (Pete Seeger) Appalsongs 2019

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