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045 - 2018

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Joe Filisko & Eric Noden: Destination Unknown self no#
  3. Steve Goodman: The I Don't Know Where I'm Goin', But I'm Goin' Nowhere in a Hurry Blues Steve Goodman Buddha 7446599625 2
  4. Doc Watson: Old Dan Tucker (trad) Live at Club 47 YepRoc 2499
  5. Jonathan Edwards: Rollin' Along (Joe Dulce) Strictly Country Records 68
  6. Lil Rev: I'll Be Around Long After I'm Gone Sing Song Daddy Fountain of Uke 048
  7. Dean Gitter and the Ute Mountain Gang: When We Gonna Marry (trad) Carl Sandburg's American Songbag 2.0 Questa 001
  8. Audra McDonald: Never Will I Marry (fr. "Greenwillow") (Frank Loesser) Sing Happy Decca 0028495-02
  9. Frank Lee & Allie Burbrink: Standing on a Mountain (Alton Delmore) Roll on, Clouds Bake Town 88295-76535
  10. Otter Creek: Sometimes You Just Know (Peter Danzig) The Fiddle Preacher self 89211-78622
  11. Olivia Chaney: Colin & Clem Shelter Nonesuch 567191-2
  12. Sam Baker: Say the Right Words Land of Doubt self 16892-46754
  13. The Lied To's (Doug Kwartler & Susan Levine): The Lesser of Two Evils Hollow Body 002
  14. Wolf & Clover: Shanagolden (trad) Wolf & Clover self 88295-68451
  15. Nina Simone: The Twelfth of Never (trad/Paul Francis Webster- Jerry Livingston) Nina Simone Anthology - The Colpix Years Rhino 72567
  16. Dolly Parton w/ Keith Urban: Twelfth of Never (trad/Lisa Reagan- Emily Stevenson) Those Were the Days Sugar Hill 4007

Station Break

  1. David Mitchell & Robert Webb w/Olivia Colman: Graffiti Artist That Mitchell & Webb Sound, Series 5 BBC Audio
  2. Greg Trafidlo: The Artist (G.Trafidlo-Dean Milano) Carved in Song Kira 3456
  3. Bill Bachmann: Giant Can of Paint Big World Out There Flight of the BumBillB 00261-27260
  4. Wolf & Clover: The Maggies set (Drowsy Maggie, Sleepy Maggie, The Magpie's Nest) (trad) Wolf & Clover self 88295-68451
  5. Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys: Little Maggie (trad) Clinch Mountain Bluegrass (1964 Newport) Vanguard 77018-2
  6. The Tannahill Weavers: Are Ye Sleeping Maggie/The Noose and the Ghille (trad) Collection - Choice Cuts 1987-1996 Green Linnet 1182
  7. The Andrew Collins Trio: Just a Gigolo (Irving Caesar) Tongue self 41533-76141
  8. Claudia Schmidt: God's Gift to Women (Rory Block) Spinning Pragmavision 43157-37775
  9. We're About 9: Miscreant Men (Brian Gundersdorf) Paperdust :: Stardust self 00261-23380
  10. Olivia Chaney: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Shelter Nonesuch 567191-2
  11. Pete Seeger: Molly Malone (trad) American Favorite Ballads, Volume 5 Smithsonian Folkways 2445
  12. Richard Dyer-Bennet: When Cockleshells Turns Silverbells Dyer-Bennet #2 Smithsonian Folkways 40142
  13. Kate Power & Steve Einhorn: Water Is Wide (trad) Portland Romance Quality Folk 90394-81409
  14. Kittel & Co.: Fields of Brooklyn (Jeremy Kittel) Whorls Compass 74710-2
  15. John Flynn w/ Kris Kristofferson: The End of the Beginning self 01344-00082
  16. Emerald Rae: Given Half the Time Emerald Rae self 88295-770-63
  17. Belle of the Fall: Time (Tracy Walton-Julia Ford) Rise Up Sonic Trepanation 88295-69024
  18. Joe Filisko & Eric Noden: The Beginning of the End Destination Unknown (forthcoming CD)

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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