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007 - 2018

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Gloria Attoun: Lift Me Up and Let Me Go Go self 88295-59453
  3. The Sweetback Sisters (Zara Bode & Emily Miller): Gotta Get A-Goin (Cy Cohen) King of Killing Time Signature Sounds 2088
  4. Ruth & Max Bloomquist: I'm the One Who Does the Leaving (Ruth Bloomquist) On a Canvas Painted Blue Ruby 817
  5. Andy & Judy: I'll Call You When I Get There (Judy Daigle) This Old Town self 88295-59541
  6. (Bryan) Sutton - (David) Holt - (T.Michael) Coleman: Solid Gone (trad,arr.Sutton-Holt-Coleman) Ready for the Times High Windy 1264
  7. Bonnie Koloc: While You Were Gone (Thom Bishop) Seems Like Yesterday Mr. Biscuit 06
  8. Dar Williams: Emerald self 518
  9. Davey O: Comin' Home A Bright Horizon Line self 16895-08562
  10. O'Connor Band: Coming Home (Mark O'Connor) Live! OMAC 22
  11. Danny Schmidt w/ Carrie Elkin: Guns & The Crazy Ones Owls Live Once 09
  12. Jon Brooks: Gun Dealer The Smiling & Beautiful Countryside Borealis 231
  13. Hope Dunbar: Revolver Three Black Crows self 44368-33465
  14. Mark Stepakoff: Making Guns Any Port in a Storm self 00261-45930
  15. Anya Turner & Robert Grusecki: App Dream On self 5106
  16. David Mitchell & Robert Webb w/Olivia Colman: iReckon That Mitchell & Webb Sound, Series Four BBC Audio
  17. Jon Vezner: I've Got an App for That (Jon Vezner-Si Kahn) Catz of the Colosseum self 84501-77826
  18. Michael Johnson: Software (Michael Johnson-Randy Goodrum) Departure Vanguard 79483-2

Station Break

  1. Anne Hills, Cindy Mangsen & Steve Gillette: Railroading on the Great Divide (Sara Carter) Never Grow Old Flying Fish 70638
  2. Martha Scanlan: Up On the Divide The West Was Burning Sugar Hill 1085
  3. Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn: Over the Divide Echo in the Valley Rounder 11661-00290
  4. Eric Taylor: The Great Divide Blue Ruby 002
  5. Dan Zanes & Friends w/ Claudia Eliaza: New York City (Huddie Ledbetter) Lead Belly, Baby! Smithsonian Folkways 45083
  6. Bonnie Koloc: New York City Blues Seems Like Yesterday Mr. Biscuit 06
  7. Dar Williams: New York Is a Harbor (Dar Williams-Bryn Roberts) Emerald self 518
  8. Annie & Rod Capps: Pretty Memories Searching for Neverland Yellow Room 019
  9. Claudia Nygaard: I Wanna Look Good in Your Memory Somewhere Else to Go Bet the Ranch 31037-02262
  10. Harry Nilsson: Thanks for the Memory (Ralph Rainger/Leo Robin) A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night RCA Legacy 82676-78248-2
  11. Claudia Schmidt: The Darkening (Alistair Anderson) Hark the Dark Pragmavision 00261-46122
  12. Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards: If You Can Hear Me (Taylor Ashton) California Calling Compass 88295-54230-2
  13. The Wailin' Jennys: Keep Me in Your Heart (Warren Zevon) Fifteen 15 Red House 305
  14. Ellis (Delaney): Wherever You Are Singing Crow 7039-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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