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037 - 2017

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Bob Zentz w/ Gordon Bok: Daddy Don't You Tell No Lies (Si Kahn) Together Again for the First Time Timberhead Music 21
  3. Damn Yankees (orig.cast-Ray Walston): Those Were the Good Old Days (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross) RCA Victor 3948-2
  4. Peter Ekstrom & Michael Quinn: What Happened to the Good Old Days The Front Page Follies self 83707-78302
  5. John Prine: Living in the Future John Prine Live Oh Boy 005
  6. The Foremen: Building for the Future (Roy Zimmerman) The Best of the Foremen Metaphor 919
  7. Bobby Osborne: They Call the Wind Maria (Frederick Loewe/ Alan J. Lerner) Original Compass 7467-2
  8. Salamander Crossing: Desert Wind (Kate Wolf) Salamander Crossing Signature Sounds 1228
  9. Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen: The Restless Wind (Steve Gillette- Rex Benson) The Light of the Day Compass Rose 7
  10. Tom Chapin: When the Family Sings (Si Kahn-Tom Chapin) Threads Sundance 028
  11. Melody Walker w/ Jacob Groopman: Family Band Gold Rush Goddess self 84501-62999
  12. John Rossbach: Singing in the Family Circle (Gary Forrester) Never Was Plugged! Alcazar 126
  13. David Ackles: Family Band American Gothic Collectors' Choice 311-2
  14. O'Connor Family Band: Gold Rush (Mark O'Connor) O'Connor Band Live! OMAC 22
  15. Greg Trafidlo: For Just Two Dollars The Crawlspace Tapes Kira 4050
  16. The Conception Corporation: Dunk the Cop Complete Conception Rhino 7728
  17. Heather Pierson: Dirty No-Gooder's Blues (Bessie Smith) Motherless Child Vessel 008

Station Break

  1. Rob Carlson & Beth Bradley: Our Dads Hearts of Palm self
  2. Jamie Anderson: My Dad Loves to Sing Better Than Chocolate Tsunami 1032
  3. Judy Collins: My Father Forever Elektra 62104-2
  4. Richard Berman: A Father and a Daughter You're Home Now Aries 007
  5. Jewel w/ Dolly Parton: My Father's Daughter Picking Up the Pieces Sugar Hill 37804-02
  6. Lucy Kaplansky: My Father's Son (Richard Litvin-Lucy Kaplansky) Reunion Red House 255
  7. John McCutcheon: With My Father Passage Appleseed 2010
  8. Working (orig.cast-Bob Gutman): Fathers and Sons (Stephen Schwartz) Fynsworth Alley 3020621142
  9. Tom Russell w/ Cindy Church: Wild Geese (Ian Tyson) Play One More - The Songs of Ian & Sylvia True North 663
  10. Bob Wright & Bill Doerge: When the Wild Geese Return (Bob Wright) Hamburger Sandwich self 00261-39283
  11. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Livingston The Things That We Are Made Of Lambent Light 001
  12. Mary McCaslin: Northfield The Things We Said Today - The Best of Mary McCaslin Philo 1149
  13. Kim Stockwood: How Many Miles Songwriters Series - Waves of Atlantic Canada Nojo 27915-09112
  14. Patrick Sky: Many a Mile Patrick Sky Vanguard 79179-2
  15. Smithfield Fair: My Heart Ever Faithful (J.S.Bach) Evermore Stevenson 90102

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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