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032 - 2017

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Bob Zentz w/ Gordon Bok: Picker and a Grinner (Bob Zentz) Together Again for the First Time Timberhead Music 21
  3. Willie Nelson: He Won't Ever Be Gone (for Merle Haggard) (Gary Nicholson) God's Problem Child Legacy 88985415732
  4. Alastair Moock: Hallelujah (I Ain't Dead) Alastair Moock Moockshake 00261-45458
  5. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Something Tamed Something Wild The Things That We Are Made Of Lambent Light 001
  6. Anais Mitchell: One Good Thing Hymns for the Exiled Waterbug 58
  7. James Lee Stanley: Welcome to the New World Had Enough Yet Beachwood 85007-66490
  8. Harpeth Rising: 535 (Are You Even Alive?) (Jordana Greenberg) Against All Tides Grimm Rising 88295-37111
  9. Pokey LaFarge: Silent Movie Manic Revelations Rounder 1166100209
  10. John McCutcheon & Tom Chapin: I Don't Care (McCutcheon) Doing Our Job Rounder 0411
  11. Magpie: Workers of the World Awaken (Joe Hill) When We Stand Together Long Tail 008
  12. Gordon Bok w/ Bob Zentz: Turning Toward the Morning (Gordon Bok) Together Again for the First Time Timberhead Music 21
  13. The Malvinas: How Can I Keep From Singing (Robt.Wordsworth Lowry, PD) God Bless the Grass Soona Songs 020
  14. Brooks Williams: I Will Do My Last Singing (trad,arr.Brooks Williams) Brooks' Blues self 051078-951225
  15. Zoe & Cloyd (Natalya Zoe Weinstein-John Cloyd Miller): Frontier Waltz Eyes Brand New self 00261-45200

Station Break

  1. Firesign Theatre (Proctor & Bergman): Watergate Columbia 45 rpm
  2. Tom Paxton: Talking Watergate New Songs from the Briarpatch Vanguard 79395
  3. BJ Leiderman: History 911 BJ self 88295-58535
  4. Anais Mitchell: Namesake xoa Wilderland 003
  5. Tom Tuerff: You Share Her Name But Wait. . . There's More! self TP-002
  6. Steve Goodman: You Never Even Call Me By My Name (S. Goodman/J. Prine) No Big Surprise Red Pajamas RPJ-008
  7. Carrie Newcomer w/ Slats Klug, piano: My True Name Philo 1223
  8. Red Tail Ring: The New Homeplace (Laurel Premo) Fall Away Blues Earth Work 8504
  9. Linda Hicks: Who Will Watch the Homeplace (Kate Long) In the Corner self 56605-80442
  10. Robert Earl Keen: Old Home Place (Dean Webb-Mitch Jayne) Happy Prisoner Dualtone 80302-01685-27
  11. Colcannon: Ah, Surely / The Reconciliation (trad) Wild Orchid self 00261-45291
  12. Battlefield Band: Silver Spear / The Humours of Tulla (trad,arr.Battlefield Band) The Producer's Choice Temple 2108
  13. Magpie: Links on the Chain (Phil Ochs) When We Stand Together Long Tail 003
  14. Arlo Guthrie: All Work Together (Woody Guthrie) Woody's 20 Grow Big Songs Warner Bros. 945020-2
  15. Joe Jencks: Solidarity Forever (Joe Jencks/Ralph Chaplin) Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers Turtle Bear 050117-1

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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