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024 - 2017

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Scott Cook: Your Sweet Time Further Down the Line self 91062-22085
  3. DC Bloom: Sweet Sweet Time Just Another Song and Dance Man self 78572-26494
  4. Michael Johnson: Time Sweet Time (Al Day) The Early Albums MJBlue 99001
  5. Pierce Pettis: All In Good Time State of Grace Compass 7 4315-2
  6. Mouths of Babes (Ingrid Elizabeth & Ty Greenstein): Spring (Ingrid Elizabeth) Brighter in the Dark self 00261-44997
  7. Elaine Mahon: Spring Reach for the Stars self 00261-45108
  8. Ray Lambiase: Spring The Ballad of 3 Finger Brown Raytone 0902
  9. Joel Mabus: Come Along Again No Worries Now. . . Fossil 2009
  10. Andrew Calhoun: Roads in Disrepair Where Blue Meets Blue Waterbug 0049
  11. Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Come a Long Way (K.McGarrigle) Dancer with Bruised Knees Warner Bros. 3014
  12. The Foremen: What Did You Do on Election Day (Roy Zimmerman) What's Left Reprise 946246-2
  13. Lance Brown: Apathy Song Too Busy to Work Depot DEP-024
  14. Phil Ochs: Outside of a Small Circle of Friends Farewells & Fantasies Elektra Rhino R2 74518
  15. Putnam Smith: Let's Give a Damn 99 Desires Itchy Sabot 2016
  16. Ten Strings and a Goat Skin (Rowan & Caleb Gallant, Jessie Periard): Duhk Duhk Goat - Begavningsmarschen (trad) / Le Reel du Poteau Blanc (trad) / The Midnight Visit (W.MacDonald) / Katie Hill (trad) Aupres du Poele self 90443-96803
  17. Imar: Happy Clappy set - The Happy Clappy Jig / Agent Craig (Ryan Murphy) / The Banjo Strikes Back (Damien O'Kane) Afterlight Big Mann 002

Station Break

  1. Greg Whitfield: Martin's Song Songswarm Vol. 1
  2. (Tommy) Byrd & (Kathy) Street: Eight Dollar Guitar (Tommy Byrd) This Much Is True self 78572-23004
  3. Guy Clark: The Guitar The Best of the Duotone Years Dualtone 80302-01782-29
  4. Kasey Chambers: Talkin' Baby Blues Dragonfly Essence 5419753672
  5. Mary Chapin Carpenter: The Middle Ages The Things That We Are Made Of Lambent Light 001
  6. Livingston Taylor: Try to Remember (Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones) Safe Home Chesky 385
  7. Robert Klein: The National Anthem Mind Over Matter Brut 6600
  8. Joel Mabus: Anacreon in Heaven (trad-arr.Mabus) Western Passage Fossil 996
  9. Albert Brooks: Rewriting the National Anthem Comedy Minus One Rhino 71189
  10. Arnie Naiman: South River Dam My Lucky Stars Merriweather 41533-76104
  11. Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi: Sonny and Brownie's Last Train (Guy Davis) M.C. Records 0081
  12. Balsam Range: Last Train to Kitty Hawk Tunes from David Holt's State of Music High Windy 1295
  13. Golden Ring Reunion (Harry Tuft): Last Train to Glory (Arlo Guthrie) For All the Good People Folk-Legacy 121

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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