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021 - 2017

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. John McCutcheon: Y'all Means All Trolling for Dreams Appalseed 2107
  3. The Hey, Y'all Soundtrack (James Dean Jay Bird-Steven Cheslik): Y'all Come (Arlie Duff) self 13276-20082
  4. John Prine: Everybody Diamonds in the Rough Atlantic 7240-2
  5. Vance Gilbert: God Bless Everyone Bad Dog Buffet Disimye 008
  6. Gypsy (orig.London cast - Angela Lansbury-Barry Ingham): Together (Jule Styne/Stephen Sondheim) RCA Victor 60571-2
  7. Lunasa: Doc Holliday's set - East Village Days / Timmy's Place / Doc Holliday's (Cillian Vallely) La Nua self 00261-29505
  8. Fairport Convention (Simon Nicol-Chris Leslie-Ric Sanders-Dave Pegg- Gerry Conway): Ye Mariners All (trad,arr.Swarbrick-Nicol-Pegg- Rowland) 50:50 @50 Matty Groves 054
  9. Ian MacMillan: Ancient Mariner.com (Les Barker) Guide Cats for the Blind Osmosys 020/21
  10. Lee Murdock: Reilly's Ghost Loving Light Depot 036
  11. Pat Wictor: The Scorpion Departs (Phil Ochs) This Is Absolutely Real: Visions and Versions of Phil Ochs RiskyDisc 009
  12. Jayme Stone's Lomax Project (Margaret Glaspe, v., Brittany Haas, f., Eli West, g., Jayme Stone, ban): Maids When You're Young (trad,via Jeannie Robertson, arr. M.Glaspe) Borealis 235
  13. Cassie & Maggie MacDonald: Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (trad,arr.C&M MacDonald) The Willow Collection self 003
  14. Barbara Cook: Men (Seymour Barab/Dorothy Parker)Songs of Perfect Propriety Stage Door 2350
  15. Elaine Romanelli: She & He The Hour Before self 88295-24554

Station Break

  1. Firesign Theatre: Uber Dubbing Over Alice from / You Ain't Got No Friends on the Left How Can You Be in Two Places At Once When You're Not Anywhere At All Columbia Legacy 85774
  2. Pat Wictor: Knock on the Door (Phil Ochs) This Is Absolutely Real: Visions and Versions of Phil Ochs Risky Disc 009
  3. Paul Sachs: Families of the Disappeared Love Is Love self 00261-44393
  4. Jayme Stone w/ Tim O'Brien & Margaret Glaspy: Goodbye, Old Paint (trad, arr.O'Brien-Glaspy) Jayme Stone's Lomax Project Borealis 235
  5. Woody Guthrie: I Ride an Old Paint (trad,arr.Guthrie) Buffalo Skinners, The Asch Recordings, Vol. 4 Smithsonian Folkways 40103
  6. Joyce Woodson: She's In Love with Her Horse Living the Western Dream Radish 164
  7. Rayna Gellert: I'm Bound for the Promised Land (trad,arr.R.Gellert) Workin's Too Hard Storysound 161-019
  8. Belle Plaine: Wayfaring Stranger (trad) The Unrequited Love Saskomusic 41533-76099
  9. Wyatt Easterling: An American Dream (W.Easterling-Eric Bannan) Divining Rod Phoenix Rising 002
  10. Carrie Elkin: American Tune (Paul Simon) The Penny Collector self 88295-51584
  11. Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues w/ Marcy Levy, v: Lay Down Sally (Eric Clapton, add content Marcy Levy-George Terry, arr.C.Siegel) Different Voices Dawnserly 4301
  12. Jerry Jeff Walker: Morning Song to Sally Gypsy Songman - A Life in Song Tried and True 6161
  13. Sierra Hull: Wings of the Dawn Weighted Mind Rounder 11661-91662
  14. Harvey Reid: Minuet in G (J.S.Bach) Dreamer or Believer Woodpecker 116
  15. Tim Grimm and the Family Band: Over Hill and Dale A Stranger in This Time Vault 013

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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