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019 - 2017

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Susan Shann: Final Word private recording
  3. John Flynn: This Used to Be a Country private recording
  4. Ellie Grace & Bruce Clafin: I'm Gonna Walk It With You
  5. Emma's Revolution: Better Days (Pat Humphries-Sandy O) Revolutions Per Minute Moving Forward 1234
  6. Lunasa: Island Lake (Tune for Dad / The Island Lake) (Kevin Crawford) La Nua self 00261-29505
  7. Judy Collins: Innisfree (Hamilton Camp/Wm.Butler Yeats) Living Elektra 75014-2
  8. Joe K. Walsh: Innisfree (Joe Walsh/Wm.Butler Yeats) Borderland Skinny Elephant 93447-39082
  9. The Resonant Rogues: FOMO Blues (Fear of Missing Out) Hands in the Dirt self 00261-45203
  10. Tomato Tomato (John & Lisa McLaggan): Ain't Dead Yet (John McLaggan) I Go Where You Go self 29982-17180
  11. Trout Fishing in America: The Strangest Times (Grimwood-Idlet) Trout 24
  12. Eileen Ivers w/Fionan Debarra: Coming Home Beyond the Bog Road Musical Bridge 5462
  13. Julia Othmer: Homeward Sound self 59718-63750
  14. Abigail Lapell: Home to Me Hide Nor Hair Coax 020
  15. Joe Newberry & April Verch: I'm Going Home (Joe Newberry-Si Kahn) Going Home Slab Town 17-02
  16. All Our Exes Live in Texas: Cadillac When We Fall self 602557-166910

Station Break

  1. Dan Navarro: Bulletproof Heart Skinless Red Hen 10
  2. Ken Tizzard: 37 Bullets No Dark No Light Storey House 61297-45572
  3. Bill Staines: Heart of Stone Tracks and Trails Philo 11671-1134-2
  4. Scott Cook: Careful With My Heart (Heather Styka) Further Down the Line self 91061-22085
  5. Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons: My Money Never Runs Out (trad, arr.Simpson-Flemons) Songs & Merrie Melodies Minstrelsy Tears & Smiles Fledg'ling 3100
  6. Wildfire: Dollar (Elmer Burchett, Jr.) Rented Room on Broadway Pinecastle 1201
  7. Gillian Welch: One More Dollar (alternate version) (Gillian Welch-David Rawlings) Boots No. 1 - The Official Revival Bootleg Acony 1601
  8. Zoe Mulford: Zillionaire Small Brown Birds Azalea City 1701
  9. Lunasa: Stolen Purse (Stolen Purse / An Sioda Slide / Brendan McMahon's Reel) (trad,arr.Lunasa) The Kinnitty Sessions Compass 74377-2
  10. Ten Strings and a Goat Skin: Igen (Jesse Periard) / Magic Mark (Rowen Gallant) / Alan MacPhersson of Mosspark (trad) Aupres du Poele self 04113
  11. Ken & Brad Kolodner w/ Rachel Eddy: Tippin' Back the Corn (Jordan Wankoff) The Swift House Fenchurch 09
  12. Jon Vezner & Don Henry: Whole Lotta Holes (Folkstage - March 15, 2014) WFMT recording
  13. The Beatles: Fixing a Hole (Lennon-McCartney) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Apple-EMI 746442-2
  14. Buddy Mondlock: The Holes You Leave (Guy Clark-Buddy Mondlock) The Memory Wall Sparking Gap 004
  15. Tom Paxton: Outward Bound Boat in the Water Pax 011

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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