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014 - 2017

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Spuyten Duyvil: The Warmth of Other Suns (Mark Miller) preview from forthcoming CD
  3. Sons of the Never Wrong: Standing at the Hand (Bruce Roper) preview from forthcoming CD
  4. Claudia Schmidt w/ Sally Rogers: Still on the Bridge (Claudia Schmidt) We Are Welcomed Pragmavision 35
  5. Kara Kesselring & Sugarcreek Road: Rise Up Hurry up . . . and Relax self 88295-20333
  6. John McEuen & friends (John McEuen: banjo; Martha Redbone, lead vocal, shaker; Matt Cartsonis, 2nd lead vocal; John Cowan, 3rd lead vocal; David Bromberg, guitar; Andy Goessling: mandolin): I Rose Up (McEuen- Redbone-Aaron Whitby) Made in Brooklyn Chesky 388
  7. John McCutcheon: Three Chords and the Truth Trolling for Dreams Appalseed 2017
  8. Matt Watroba: We Shall Not Be Moved (trad) Community Sings Vol. 1 Common Chords 121
  9. Emma's Revolution: Sing People Sing (Pat Humphries-Sandy O) Songs from Sing Out! (Volume 55 Number 4) SO-554
  10. Pete Seeger: Wasn't That a Time (Lee Hays) Headlines & Footnotes Smithsonian Folkways 40111
  11. Imar: The Firebird - John Kelly's (trad) / The Knotted Chord (trad) / Firebird (Tomai Callister) Afterlight Big Mann 002
  12. Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra: Rocking the Baby (trad) / The Curlew (Donald MacPherson) Waves SunSign 11781-50012
  13. Catie Curtis: People Change While We're Here Magenta 12917
  14. Billie Holiday: You've Changed (B.Carey-C.Fischer) Ken Burns Jazz Verve 314549081-2
  15. Mike & Aleksi Glick: Baby I've Changed (Mike Glick) Generations self 00261-43802

Station Break

  1. Kate Rusby: Life in a Paper Boat Pure 41
  2. Kat Eggleston: Paper Boats Second Nature Waterbug 0005
  3. Amy Speace: How to Sleep in a Stormy Boat (Amy Speace-Sally Barris) Wind Bone 59709-60466
  4. Susan Werner: Small Planes 8 Unnecessary Songs for Piano, Voice & Miscellany, Volume 1 Frank Chance 88295-49615
  5. Tom Paxton: I Lost My Heart on a 747 Peace Will Come Morello 44
  6. Catie Curtis: You Are Loved (Catie Curtis-Fred Wilhelm) While We're Here Magenta 12917
  7. The Rustic Riders (Lisa Meissner): Know You Are Loved Hearing Hearts self no#
  8. Lori McKenna: You Are Loved Pieces of Me Catalyst / Signature Sounds 0123-75001-2
  9. Barnum (orig.cast - Wm.Witter-Jim Dale): Join the Circus (Cy Coleman/Michael Stewart) Columbia Legacy 89999
  10. Putnam Smith: Vagaries and Air 99 Desires Itchy Sabot 2016
  11. Sons of the Never Wrong: Head Over Heels (Bruce Roper) On a Good Day. . . I Am Waterbug 88
  12. Chris Farrell: My Circus Days Ballad 002
  13. Jim Durante: When the Circus Leaves Town (Durante-Barnett) September Song Warner Bros. 1506
  14. Ernest Troost: This Will Pass Away (private recording)
  15. Carrie Newcomer: This Too Will Pass The Age of Possibility Philo 116711 226-2

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