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008 - 2017

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Eileen McGann: Too Stupid for Democracy Journeys Dragonwing 113
  3. Mark Graham: No Democracy in Heaven Inner Life self no#
  4. Hamilton (orig.cast-Jonathan Groff as King George): What Comes Next? (Lin-Manuel Miranda) Atlantic 556345-2
  5. Leonard Cohen: Democracy The Future Columbia 53226
  6. Mose Allison: Modest Proposal The Way of the World Anti-87059-2
  7. Leonard Cohen: Treaty You Want It Darker Columbia 88985365072
  8. Susan Werner: Bad Bad Bad Werner: Eight Unnecessary Songs for Piano, Voice & Miscellany, Incomplete Volume 1 Frank Chance 88295-49615
  9. The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band: Zol Zayn Gelebt (Live to Enjoy!) (Dave Tarras, arr.A.Koffman) Old Roots New World Shanachie 67008
  10. Lenka Lichtenberg: Arum dem Fayer Yiddish Journey: The Music of Lenka Lichtenberg ARC 2625
  11. Judy Collins: Suzanne (Leonard Cohen) Forever: An Anthology Elektra 62104-2
  12. David Wilcox: Jamie's Secret (5:48 ) (Folkstage - March 17, 2012) WFMT Recording
  13. Otter Creek (Peter & Mary Danzig): Down in the River to Pray (trad) The Fiddle Preacher self 89211-78622
  14. Susan Werner: Dog Werner: Eight Unnecessary Songs for Piano, Voice & Miscellany, Incomplete Volume 1 Frank Chance 88295-49615
  15. Kristine Schmitt & The Lonesome Ace Stringband: Kissing Bandit (K.Schmitt) Good Dirt self no#
  16. Barb Jungr: 1000 Kisses Deep (Sharon Robinson-Leonard Cohen) Hard Rain: The Songs of Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen Kristalyn 037300-788401

Station Break

  1. Jennifer Warnes: Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen) Cypress 661-111-1
  2. Steve Goodman: Yellow Coat Steve Goodman Buddha 7446599625-2
  3. Darryl Purpose: Orange Raincoat (D.Purpose-Paul Zollo) Next Time Around Blue Rock 1060
  4. Austin Lounge Lizards: Leonard Cohen's Day Job (Hank Card-Kristin Nelson Card) Employee of the Month Sugar Hill 3874
  5. Nancy White: Leonard Cohen's Never Gonna Bring My Groceries In Momnipotent Children's Group 1025
  6. Tom Prasada-Rao: Leonard Cohen Good Night Regret no label or #
  7. Susan Piper: The Ballad of Leonard Cohen (Folkstage - July 24, 1999) WFMT Recoarding
  8. Marie-Lynn Hammond: When Leonard Cohen Sings Impromptu2 Vignettes 7882
  9. The Sweet Maries (Amy Shoemaker-Susie Lofton): Don't Look Back (Amy Shoemaker) The Sweet Maries Wild Fuchsia 84501-85123
  10. Leonard Cohen: So Long, Marianne The Best of Leonard Cohen Columbia 34077
  11. Heather Styka: Singing 500 Miles The Bittersweet Tapes Kite Stripe 04
  12. Red Tail Ring: Fall Away Blues (Laurel Premo) EarthWork 8504
  13. Judy Collins: Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye (Leonard Cohen) Wildflowers Elektra 74012-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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