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010 - 2005

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Jeff Daniels: If William Shatner Can, I Can Too Live and Unplugged self 16892 62042
  3. William Shatner: Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds (Lennon-McCartney) Golden Throats Rhino R2 70197
  4. Peter Sellers: She Loves You (Cockney version) (Lennon-McCartney) A Celebration of Sellers EMI 7243 8 27781 2 7
  5. Live From the Pound: She Loves You (Lennon-McCartney) The Beatles: The Lost Tapes Dove DACD60020
  6. Darrell Scott - Danny Thompson - Kenny Malone: Helen of Troy, PA (D.Scott) Live in NC Full Light FLR-0403
  7. Clive Gregson: Joan of Arkansas Long Story Short Gadfly 288
  8. Bruce Springsteen: Mary Queen of Arkansas Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. Columbia KC 31903
  9. Magpie: Arkansas Girl (Leonino-Artzner) Raise Your Voice Sliced Bread CDSB75110
  10. Jonathan Byrd: The Ballad of Larry The Waitress self
  11. Stephanie Davis: Ikey Crocus in the Snow Recluse 471828
  12. Tim Grimm: Sam Stone (John Prine) Names Wind River WR4032CD
  13. Eddie From Ohio: This Is Me (Robbie Schaefer) Virginia Soul VSR 009
  14. Mike Cross: Temperance Reel (trad/lyrics Cross) At Large In the World MiMa-MuBo 102
  15. W.C.Fields: The Temperance Lecture But Seriously. . . The American Comedy Box Rhino R2 71617
  16. Kathy O'Hara & Diana Laffey: I Don't Drink Tequila No More (D.Laffey) Remembering Fred-A tribute to Fred Holstein Remembering Fred 001

Station Break

  1. Johnsmith: Don't Put Me in a Box Kickin' This Stone Blue Pine 83707 84062
  2. Steve Seskin: Don't Laugh At Me (Shamblin/Seskin) Live Seskin SR 112
  3. Rachel Bissex: Welcome to the Game In White Light One Take OTP 002004
  4. Fred Small: Everything Possible Flying Fish FF 70625
  5. Bryan Bowers: Rufus and Beverly (Mark Graham) For You Flying Fish FF 70524
  6. Zoë Lewis: Eyelashes Small Is Tremendous Dog Called Dog 2168103862
  7. Ken Nordine: Eyelashes (Robt. Shure) Twink Philips PHS 600-258
  8. David Francey: Tonight In My Dreams The Waking Hour Red House RHRCD 182
  9. Frank Meyer: Yer So Purty Dagnabit Thangmaker
  10. Carol Ponder & John Knowles: Going Across the Mountain / Hickman Boys (trad/arr.Ponder-Knowles) Going Across the Mountain: Songs of War and Separation Cove Struck CSM-003CD
  11. Rich Deans: Don't Dig My Grave Too Deep Blue City self no# email
  12. Magpie: One More Parade (Phil Ochs) Raise Your Voice Sliced Bread CDSB75110
  13. Joe Hickerson: Shingling the Rum Seller's Roof (trad) Drive Dull Care Away, Volume 1 Folk-Legacy CD-58
  14. Eric Bibb: Shingle By Shingle Good Stuff EarthBeat! R2 75265
  15. Eddie From Ohio: Walk Humbly Son (Michael Clem) Virginia Soul VSR 009

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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