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April 18, 2020

JOHN PRINE and friends
Part One: Hull House Fiesta Folk Festival
At the Jane Addams Center of Hull House
Chicago, September 8, 1974

  1. Steve Goodman: This Hotel Room (Steve Goodman-John Prine)
  2. Steve Goodman w/Bill Swofford: Jessie's Jig (Steve Goodman)
  3. John Prine: Dear Abby (John Prine)
  4. Steve Goodman w/John Prine & Bill Swofford: A Fool Such As I (Bill Trader)
  5. John Prine w/Steve Goodman: Old Shep (Red Foley - Arthur Willis)
  6. Steve Goodman w/John Prine: Warm and Free (Shel Silverstein)
  7. John Prine w/Steve Goodman: Souvenirs (Prine)
  8. Steve Goodman: Moby Book (Steve Goodman-David Amram)

Recorded by Rich Warren

Part Two: Old Town School of Folk Music benefit
At Orchestra Hall, now Symphony Center
Chicago, January 16, 1987

  1. John Prine: The Torch Singer
  2. John Prine: Fish and Whistle
  3. John Prine: Donald and Lydia
  4. John Prine: The Bottomless Lake
  5. John Prine: Sam Stone
  6. John Prine (w/David Bromberg): That's the Way the World Goes Round
  7. John Prine: Souvenirs (w/ David Bromberg)
  8. John Prine: Hello in There (w/David Bromberg)

Songs 9-16 all by John Prine.

Recorded by Mitchell G. Heller and/or Lawrence Rock

Host/producer: Rich Warren