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March 31, 2018

PART ONE: THE TANNAHILL WEAVERS (Phil Smillie, Roy Gullane, Alan MacLeod, Les Wilson (?)
Recorded at Holsteins, Chicago, July 25, 1982

  1. Lieutenant Maguire's / Donald MacLean's
  2. The Gaberlunzie Man
  3. The Merchant's Son / Doctor Ross's Welcome to the 50th Argyleshire Gathering
  4. The Monaghan Jig / The Auld Tinker
  5. Captain Carswell / Susan MacLeod / Na Caberfeidh
  6. The Deil's Awa wi the Excise Man (Robt.Burns, PD) / The Old Woman's Dance
  7. Bonnie Was Yon Rosie Briar
  8. The Geese in the Bog / Jig of Slurs
  9. The Gypsy Laddie
  10. Auld Lang Syne (Robt. Burns, PD)
  11. Tae the Weaver's Gin Ye Gang (Robt. Burns, PD) / The Blackberry Bush

All songs traditional, arr. by Tannahill Weavers unless otherwise noted.
Engineered by Rich Warren

PART TWO: HEATHER PIERSON ACOUSTIC TRIO (Heather Pierson, Davy Sturtevant, Shawn Nadeau
Recorded in the Levin Music Performance Studio
April 23, 2016

  1. Take a Deep Breath and Smile
  2. Let It Roll Off Your Back

Both songs by Heather Pierson
Engineered by Eric Arunas

Host/producer: Rich Warren