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December 16, 2017

Two "Part Ones"

Part One:
Recorded in the WFMT Levin Studio
December 17, 2016

  1. Lebedike Honga (A Lively Honga)
    Kandel's Orchestra, 1925, arr. D. Jacobs, recorded on Old Roots, New World (2005)
  2. Ocho Kandelikas (Singers: Bibi Marcell, Kayla Chinitz, Margaret Selinger)
    Music and Lyrics © Flory Jagoda
    Recorded on Sweet Early Years, Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, 1992
  3. Russian Medley (Alex Koffman, Violin and Gail Mangurten, Keyboard)
    Traditional Russian Folk Songs
    Arranged by Alex Koffman and Gail Mangurten
  4. Ach, Odessa! (Alex Koffman, Vocals)
    Arrangement: Alex Koffman, Willy Barder and Shelley Yoelin
    Words and music: Folk*
    *"Possibly today's most popular song about Odessa, Akh, Odessa, Pearl of the Sea ( , , ) oddly has no known author. Legend has it that 23-year old Odessite Modest Tabachnikov ( ) wrote the words on a restaurant napkin in 1936, but others claim the tune was actually written by popular Jewish Oddessite songwriter Arkadiy Zvezdin (a.k.a. Arkasha Severny)."
  5. Tumbalalika (Strum, Balalaika) (Bibi Marcel, Pavel Roytman, Alex Koffman and Lori Lippitz, Vocals) Traditional Yiddish Folk Song
    Recorded on Old Roots, New World, Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, 2005
  6. Tanz Istanbul (Turkish Dance) (Matvey Kostukovsky, Clarinet)
    One of the original pieces recorded by Dave Tarras in the 1940s, this klezmer piece shows off the soloists fluid playing technique as it travels up and down the upper register of the clarinet. Tarras had the unique distinction of being recorded on both Yiddish-language and Greek-language 78 RPM "race record" labels, as he was able to execute both styles with finesse.
  7. Yoshke, Yoshke (Joey, Joey)
    Trad. Folksong, as recorded by the Abe Schwartz Orchestra (Tanz Yidelech, "Dance On, Jewish Folk").
    Arranged Alex Koffman, recorded on Old Roots, New World, 2005

Part Two:
THE MAXWELL STREET KLEZMER BAND & RABBI JOE BLACK with the Solomon Schechter Day School Choir
Recorded at Temple Shalom, Chicago
December 27, 2008

  1. Under Toyrele (Our Beloved Torah, a Chassidic dance) (trad, based on a 1928 Recording by Dave Tarras & the Abe Schwartz Orchestra, arr. Alex Koffman)
  2. Yodel Dreidel (country & western version of I Had a Little Dreidel) (Rabbi Joe Black / S.S. Grossman)
  3. Kolomeikes (trad, arr. Alex Koffman)
  4. Freilechs fun der Hupe (trad. recessional march)
  5. The First Hanukkah Night (unattributed)
  6. Oh Hanukkah (trad/L.Kipnis)
  7. Abi Gezunt (Abraham Ellstein/Mollie Picon, from the movie Mamele)
  8. Build a Sukkah (Rabbi Joe Black - Sue Black)
  9. Leave a Little Bit Undone (Rabbi Joe Black)

Fill music: Metropolitan Klezmer: Fiselekh (Happy Feet) (trad, arr. Metropolitan Klezmer) Yiddish for Travelers self 91022-05762

Engineer: Eric Aruns
Host/producer: Rich Warren