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August 31, 2013

Fox Valley Folk Festival preview concert live from Geneva
With Harpeth Rising, Ben Bedford, Locust Honey, Bob Bovee & Pops Wagner, Jeni & Billy, Zoe Mulford, and Sparky & Rhonda Rucker

    Harpeth Rising

  1. Harpeth Rising: Going My Way (Harpeth Rising)
  2. Harpeth Rising: Burn Away Your Troubles (Harpeth Rising)
  3. Harpeth Rising: It Don't Really Matter (Harpeth Rising)
  4. Ben Bedford

  5. Ben Bedford: Fire Is In His Bones (Ben Bedford)
  6. Ben Bedford: John the Baptist (Ben Bedford)
  7. Ben Bedford: Land of the Shadows (Ben Bedford)
  8. Locust Honey

  9. Locust Honey: Georgia Railroad (Trad)
  10. Locust Honey: Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On? (Kitty Wells)
  11. Locust Honey: Lonesome Song (Carter Family)
  12. Locust Honey: Booth Shot Lincoln (Trad)
  13. Locust Honey: Thanks a Lot (Ernest Tubb)
  14. Bob Bovee & Pops Wagner

  15. Bob Bovee & Pops Wagner: Hello Stranger (Carter Family)
  16. Bob Bovee & Pops Wagner: Bringing In the Georgia Mail (Trad)
  17. Bob Bovee & Pops Wagner: Rise When the Rooster Crows (Trad)
  18. Bob Bovee & Pops Wagner: Seneca Square Dance (Trad)
  19. Jeni & Billy

  20. Jeni & Billy: The Robin and the Banjo (Jeni Hankins, Billy Kemp)
  21. Jeni & Billy: If I Ever Get Ten Dollars (Jeni Hankins, Billy Kemp)
  22. Jeni & Billy: Sweet Song Coming 'Round (Jeni Hankins, Billy Kemp)
  23. Zoe Mulford

  24. Zoe Mulford: Coyote Wings (Zoe Mulford)
  25. Zoe Mulford: Welcome In Another Year (Zoe Mulford)
  26. Zoe Mulford: Do Not Forget Love (Trad)
  27. Sparky & Rhonda Rucker

  28. Sparky & Rhonda Rucker: Love's In Vain (Robert Johnson)
  29. Sparky & Rhonda Rucker: Dog, Dog (James Bevel, Bernard Lafayette)

  31. Ensemble: We Shall Not Be Moved (Trad)

Host: Rich Warren