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December 10, 2011

Live in the WFMT Levin Music Performance Studio
(Michael, guitar, vocals; Jamie, vocals; Katrina, clarinet, piano, vocals) Pasiones: Songs of the Spanish Civil War

  1. Song: Tu Que Brillas; Traditional Spanish anthem
  2. Text: Don Macleod: Our Fight, "The road sloped steadily downward"
  3. Song: Venga Jaleo; (fr Pete Seeger & the Almanac Singers LP)
  4. Song: Song of the United Front; Lyrics Bertold Brecht, Music Hans Eisler
  5. Text: Bertold Brecht (poem): "Who Built Thebes of the seven gates?"
  6. Text: Laurie Lee: A Moment of War: "They called us the skimmed milk"
  7. Song: Peat Bog Soldiers; Lyrics Johann Esser, Wolfgang Langhoff, Music Rudi Goguel
  8. Text w/in song: Laurie Lee: A Moment of War
  9. Song: Song of the American Consul /Quartermaster's Store (fr Al Tocar Diana LP)
  10. Song: Gunner Name of Bill; Words Theodore Cogswell, Music by Michael P Smith
  11. Text: Joe Gordon: Our Fight
  12. Songs: Sweet Cookhouse/ The Young Man from Alcala (fr Almanac Singers LP)
  13. Song: Freheit (Song of the Thaelmann Battalion); Lyrics Peter Daniel, Music Karl Ernst
  14. Text: "When we woke up this morning..." (anonymous)
  15. Text: "No Pasaran! Madrid shall be the Tomb of Fascism"...
  16. Song: Los Cuatro Generales; (fr Almanac Singers), Andalusian melody
  17. Song: Si Me Quieres Escribir; Lyrics Al Prago, Music Traditional Spanish
  18. Song: Asturias; Spanish Anthem
  19. Song: Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias; Lyrics F. Garcia Lorca, Music Michael Smith
  20. Song: Song of the International Brigades; Lyrics Erich Weinert, Music Espinosa Palacio
  21. Text w/in song: James Neugass Our Fight "How are the lines holding?"...
  22. Text: Ernest Hemingway (poem): "The Dead Sleep Cold in Spain"
  23. Song: Beloved Comrade; Lyrics Fred Katz, Music Lewis Allen
  24. (optional) Song: Jarama; Lyrics P. Seeger, W. Guthrie, L. Hays, A. McDade, Music Trad American

Musical Sources Eddie Balchowski and the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigades
Book: Espana 1936-1938 25 Hymnos y Canciones Espanola
LPs: Max Parker "Al Tocar Diana", Ernst Busch, Paul Robeson, Pete Seeger & The Almanac Singers

Recording engineer: Eric Arunas
Host/producer: Rich Warren