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September 3, 2011

FOX VALLEY FOLK FESTIVAL Preview Concert Live from the Unitarian-Universalist Church, Geneva, Illinois
(a special two-hour broadcast)

Part One:

  1. Cathy Barton & Dave Para: Comin' for to Take My Leave (trad)
  2. Cathy Barton & Dave Para: Henry Reed's Breakdown (trad)
  3. Anne Hills w/ Tracy Grammer, fiddle: San Luis Valley Song (A.Hills)
  4. Andrew Calhoun w/ Tracy Grammer, fiddle: Oh, Mary Don't You Weep (trad)
  5. Andrew Calhoun: 15 Years on the Erie Canal (Thomas. S. Allen, PD)
  6. Andy Cohen w/ Joe Filisko, harmonica: Seaboard Train Blues (Larry Johnson)
  7. Andy Cohen w/ Joe Filisko: Twelve Gates to the City (trad-Rev.Gary Davis)
  8. Cathy Barton & Dave Para: The Rattlesnake Song (trad)
  9. Cathy Barton & Dave Para: Bonaparte's Retreat (trad)
  10. Anne Hills: Nightime Falls (A. Hills)
  11. Anne Hills: The Moon Song (A.Hills)
  12. Andrew Calhoun: Shout (A.Calhoun)
  13. Andrew Calhoun: Freedom Road (A.Calhoun)
  14. Andy Cohen w/ Joe Filiskoo: What Are They Doing in Heaven Today? (Rev. Charles A. Tindley, arr. Washington Phillips)

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Part Two:

  1. Jeni & Billy: The Miner's Reward (Jeni Hankins-Billy Kemp)
  2. Jeni & Billy: Chicken Ridge (Hankins-Kemp)
  3. David Massengill: Tree of Rhyme (Jack Hardy)
  4. Sanctified Grumblers: Pony Blues (Charlie Patton)
  5. Sanctified Grumblers: Rambling (Rick Sherry)
  6. Tracy Grammer: Across the Great Divide (Kate Wolf)
  7. Jeni & Billy: Tazewell Beauty Queen (Jeni Hankins)
  8. Jeni & Billy: If I Ever Get Ten Dollars (Jeni Hankins-Billy Kemp)
  9. David Massengill: Ode to a Mouse (D.Massengill)
  10. David Massengill: Kill the Rich (D.Massengill)
  11. Sanctified Grumblers: Mean to My Baby (Rick Sherry)
  12. Sanctified Grumblers: Keep Your Porch (Eric Noden)
  13. Tracy Grammer: Ordinary Town (Dave Carter)
  14. Tracy Grammer w/ Billy Kemp, guitar: The Mountain (Dave Carter)
  15. Tracy Grammer w/ensemble: Gentle Arms of Eden (Dave Carter)

Host-producer-engineer: Rich Warren