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October 11, 2008

WILDERNESS PLOTS (Krista Detor, Tim Grimm, Carrie Newcomer, Tom Roznowski, Michael White, with author Scott Russell Sanders, narrator)
A special two-hour Folkstage tenth anniversary concert
In the WFMT Levin Music Performance Studio

Act One

  1. Scott Russell Sanders: Overture (Krista Detor, piano theme)
  2. Krista Detor & Tim Grimm: Aurora Means Dawn (Detor)
  3. Scott Russell Sanders: Profit and Loss
  4. Carrie Newcomer Krista Detor Michael White: Biscuits and Butter
  5. Scott Russell Sanders: Jemimah Palmer
  6. Tom Roznowski: Jemimah Palmer
  7. Scott Russell Sanders: Bones
  8. Michael White Krista Detor Tom Roznowski: Bones (M.White)
  9. Tim Grimm Krista Detor Michael White: Fruit (T. Grimm)
  10. Scott Russell Sanders: Elijah Gross
  11. Carrie Newcomer Krista Detor: Jug Whiskey (Newcomer)
  12. Tom Roznowski Carrie Newcomer Krista Detor: Whenever I Look at Trees (Roznowski)
  13. Scott Russell Sanders: Robert Wright
  14. Krista Detor Carrie Newcome & ensemble: Lay Him Down (Newcomer)
  15. Scott Russell Sanders: Cold
  16. Michael White & Krista Detor: The Moon Is Forgetting (M. White)
  17. Scott Russell Sanders: Savages
  18. Carrie Newcomer: Do No Harm
  19. Scott Russell Sanders: Frostbite on the Soul
  20. Tim Grimm Tom Roznowski: Frostbite on the Soul (Grimm)
  21. Scott Russell Sanders: Ice Mountains and Hairy Elephants
  22. Ensemble: Ice Mountains and Hairy Elephants (K. Detor)

Act Two

  1. Tom Roznowski: Bailey's Hammer (spoken)
  2. Tom Roznowski Carrie Newcomer Krista Detor: Bailey's Hammer (song) (Roznowski)
  3. Scott Russell Sanders: Hermit
  4. Michael White Krista Detor Carrie Newcomer: Hermit
  5. Scott Russell Sanders: Zenas Carter
  6. Tim Grimm: Zenas Carter
  7. Scott Russell Sanders: Hunt
  8. Tom Roznowski: Living Things
  9. Scott Russell Sanders: Without Reguard to Race
  10. Tim Grimm: Rebecca Versailles
  11. Krista Detor Michael White Carrie Newcomer: More Than I Dare Say (Detor)
  12. Scott Russell Sanders: Israel Coe
  13. Michael White: Israel Coe
  14. Scott Russell Sanders: Overture, last paragraph reprise
  15. Carrie Newcomer and ensemble: One Woman and a Shovel
  16. Krista Detor: concluding theme music

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted.

Engineer: Terry Gurney
Host-producer: Rich Warren