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May 10, 2008

THE BIDDIES (Kitty Donohoe - Claudia Schmidt - Jan Krist)
THE YELLOW ROOM GANG (Jim Bizer Annie Capps - Kitty Donohoe - Michael Hough - Jan Krist - David Tumulevich - Matt Watroba)
At the Center for Performing Arts, Governors State University, University Park, Illinois

Part One: The Biddies

  1. Ensemble: I Walk in Beauty (trad)
  2. Ensemble let by Kitty Donohoe: Come on Girls (Kitty Donohoe)
  3. Claudia Schmidt: Lake Superior Song (Eric Peltoniemi)
  4. Jan Krist: Honey Moon
  5. Kitty Donohoe: Great Lakes Lights
  6. Jan Krist: Sunday Morning
  7. Kitty Donohoe: Try These on For Thighs
  8. Claudia Schmidt: Quiet Way
The Yellow Room Gang

  1. Gather the Family (Hough/Tamulevich)
  2. Do What You Love (Kitty Donohoe)
  3. Happy New Day (Jim Bizer)
  4. Honey Sugar Baby Mine (Annie Capps)
  5. Juke Box Taught Me Everything I Know (Matt Watroba)
  6. I Got You (You Got Me) (Jan Krist)
Part Two: The Yellow Room Gang

  1. David Tamulevich: Here Comes the Snow
  2. Claudia Schmidt: I Don't Know
  3. Michael Hough: The Water Is Wide (trad/Hough)
  4. Kitty Donohoe: 100 Percent Chance of the Blues
  5. Annie Capps: When My Love Comes Around
  6. Matt Watroba: Lifetime Love (Matt Watroba/Anne Hills)
  7. Jim Bizer: Press That Button
  8. Annie Capps: In This Town
  9. Claudia Schmidt: Wild Strawberries (spoken poem)
  10. Jim Bizer: Have a Little Faith
  11. Jan Krist: Hope
  12. David Tamulevich: (Ours Is a) Simple Faith
  13. Matt Watroba: How Will I Leave
  14. Ensemble led by Michael Hough: Let's Hear It for the Volunteers (Hough-Tamulevich)

All songs by performer unless otherwise noted.

Engineer, producer, host: Rich Warren