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December 15, 2007

Christine Lavin (CL) and the Mistletones
Live Broadcast from Fermilab 12-15-07

The Mistletones were:
Fermilab Singers (FS)
Aurora West H.S. Madrigal Singers (AMS)
Aurora West H.S. Gospel Choir (AGC)

  1. A Christmas / Solstice / Chanukah / Ramadan / Boxing Day Song (Christine Lavin, William Shield) - CL
  2. Twelve Days of Christmas (Trad, Christine Lavin) - CL
  3. Runaway Christmas Tree (a Christmas story by Christine Lavin) - CL
  4. Psychic (Christine Lavin) - CL
  5. Cockroft Walton [Deck the Halls] (Trad, Stephen Pordes) - FS
  6. Durme (Trad, arr. by Alice Parker) - FS
  7. Stars (Jan Harmon) - FS, AMS
  8. Caroling, Caroling (Alfred Burt) - AMS
  9. Snow Snow Snow Snow (Susan Kisslinger) / Onward Through the Snow (Joel Hayden) - AMS
  10. Friendly Beasts (Trad) - AMS
  11. Mary Heard th Angels Voice (Elliot Levine) - AMS
  12. Planet X (Christine Lavin) - CL, AMS, FS, AGC
    phone call to Sal
  13. A New Year (Alix Herrmann) - CL, AMS, FS, AGC
  14. Angels We Have Heard on High (Trad) - CL, AMS, FS, AGC

  1. Christine discusses birthdays around the holidays and conducts her Holiday Quiz between audience members Mark and Donna
  2. short rendition of Happy Birthday sung to Mark and Donna - AGC
  3. Now Behold the Lamb (Kirk Franklin) - AGC
  4. Scalloped Potatoes (Emily Fox) - AGC
  5. Twelve Days of Christmas (Trad, arr. by Keith Wonderboy Johnson) - AGC
  6. Grateful (Hezekiah Walker) - AGC
  7. Dona Nobis Pacem (Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina) - CL, AGC, AMC, FS
  8. All Purpose Carol (John Forster) - CL, AGC, AMC, FS
  9. Tacobel Canon (J.Pachebel, many) - CL, AGC, AMC, FS
  10. The Twelve Days After Christmas (Frederick Silver) - CL, AGC, AMC, FS
  11. A Christmas / Solstice / Chanukah / Ramadan / Boxing Day Song (Christine Lavin, William Shield) - CL, AGC, AMC, FS
  12. Angels We Have Heard on High (Trad) - AMS, FS, AGC