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March 7, 2020

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Artemisia w/ The North Shore Choral Society, Sharon Peterson,p, Julia Davids, c: One Voice (Ruth Moody) private recording
  3. Noel Paul Stookey: One and Many (Paul & Elizabeth Stookey- Sam Lardner) New World 120822
  4. Sally Barris, Cliff Eberhardt, Louise Mosrie: With One Voice One Guitar (Melissa Tatum, S.Barris, C.Eberhardt, L.Mosrie) private release
  5. The Limeliters: Harmony (Red Grammer) Until We Get It Right! Crescendo 2266
  6. Anya Turner & Robert Grusecki: # Me Too Listen self 5108
  7. Claudia Nygaard: Me Too Lucky Girl Bet the Ranch 419
  8. Linda Allen: Me Too Singing the News October Rose 1021
  9. Chris Vallillo: El-A-Noy (trad) Abraham Lincoln in Song Gin Ridge 1009
  10. Brooks Williams: Mercy Illinois Work My Claim Red Guitar Blue Music 2020
  11. Bill Morrissey: Casey, Illinois Inside Philo 1145
  12. Mark Dvorak: The Saddest Town in Illinois Time Ain't Got Nothin' On Me Waterbug 0098
  13. Dana Maragos: The Future of Everything October self 88295-97600
  14. Rebel Voices (Janet Stecher & Susan Lewis): March of Progress (Red Ladder Theater) A Little Look Around Reveille no#
  15. Harry Waller: A Man of Simple Pleasures (The Ballad of Henry Moore) WFMT recording
  16. Carrie Newcomer: When It's Gone It's Gone The Age of Possibility Philo 116711236-2
  17. Greg Klyma: (Don't Get) Sick 2019 self no#
  18. (Wendy) Moore & (Arthur) McGregor: Don't Let Us Get Sick (Warren Zevon) Dream With Me Ivernia 1601
  19. Closer Than Ever (orig. B'way cast): There's Nothing Like It (David Shire/Richard Maltby, Jr.) RCA Victor 60399-2
  20. Jud Caswell: Insurance Plan Live at the Seagull Shop self 88295-94774
  21. Maxwell Street Klezmer Band: Abi Gezunt! (Be Happy, Be Healthy) (Ellstein-Picon) Sweet Early Years self 56951-65952
  22. Carrie Newcomer & the Kahn Family: Breathe In Breathe Out Everything Is Everywhere Available Light 112282-0001-2
  23. Connie Kaldor: Breathe Everyday Moments Coyote 1060
  24. Mary Black: Steady Breathing (Chris While-Julie Matthews) Stories from the Steeples Blix St. 10100
  25. Jan Krist & Jim Bizer: Love Is a Mystery (J.Krist) Too Yellow Room 19
  26. Jeni (Hankins) & Billy (Kemp): The Mystery of You and Me Picnic in the Sky Waystation 003
  27. Kimmie Rhodes: Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life (Victor Herbert/ Rida Johnson Young) The Beautiful Old Turn-of-the-Century Songs Doubloon 104
  28. Iris DeMent: Let the Mystery Be Infamous Angel Philo 1138
  29. Rory Block: Ain't I a Woman (Block-Vinnie Martucci) Rounder 3120
  30. Emma's Revolution (Pat Humphries & Sandy O): I Am a Woman Revolution Now Moving Forward 3234
  31. David Mitchell & Robert Webb w/Olivia Colman: Womanship Test That Mitchell & Webb Sound, Series 5 BBC audio
  32. Frankie Armstrong: Shall There Be Womanly Times (F.Armstrong/ Armstrong-Brian Pearson) Ways of Seeing Harbourtown 009
  33. Garnet Rogers: Riverboat (Natalia Zukerman) Archie Fisher and Garnet Rogers - The Best Times After All - Live Snow Goose 1137
  34. Ralph McTell: The Ferryman (Siddhartha) From Clare to Here - The Songs of Ralph McTell Red House 86
  35. The Burns Sisters: Cross the River Together (Annie Burns- J.Efroymson/Annie & Sheila Burns) Songs of the Heart self no#
  36. Peter Yarrow: River Jordan Peter Warner Bros. 2599
  37. Audra McDonald, Jason Robt. Brown, p.,Eric Stern, c.: Stars and the Moon (J.R.Brown) Way Back to Paradise Nonesuch 79482-2
  38. Joni Mitchell: Judgement of the Moon and Stars (Ludwig's Tune) For the Roses (fr. The Studio Albums, 1968-1979) Asylum 8122797178
  39. Randy Barrett w/ Nate Leath, fid.: Mercury Dime (R.Barrett) Shake Rattle Roar Patuxent 339
  40. Charlie Roth: Yankee Dime (Efron White) I'm the Smile self 89577-77852
  41. Roosevelt Dime: Roosevelt Dime (Andrew Green) Full Head of Steam self 88174-24637
  42. Dave Cousins w/ Brian Willoughby: Grace Darling (D.Cousins) Old School Songs Passport 8901
  43. The Last Word Quintet (Al Day - Bob Long - Marc Kelly Smith - Doug Loftstrom - Brian Gephart): Saving Grace (Al Day) with Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town (e.e.cummings) read by Marc Kelly Smith) Live at Studio 5 Self 88295-98964
  44. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Turner & Grusecki, Brooks Williams, Dana Maragos, Jud Caswell, Last Word Quintet

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