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February 22, 2020

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Poor Man's Gambit: Rocky Road to Dublin (trad) / The Buttery (Tommy Potts) Land of Sunshine self 191061-501268
  3. Seamus Kennedy: The Dublin Fusiliers (trad) Let the Music Take You Home self 008
  4. The Spain Brothers (Liam & Mickey): Dublin Jack of All Trades (trad) Fields to the Stones Red Biddy 3051
  5. Sylvia Herold & Euphonia: Dublin City (trad) Lovely Nancy Tuxedo 927
  6. Lunasa: Dublin to Dingle set - James Kelley's / The Foxhunt / John Brosnan's / West Kerry Polka (trad,arr.Lunasa) Redwood Green Linnet 1224
  7. Cheryl Wheeler w/ Kenny White: Kenny's Song (Now I Like My Husband. . .) Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler Live Dias 1002
  8. Christine Lavin: Don't Ever Call Your Sweetheart By His Name Fast Folk: a community of singers & songwriters Smithsonian Folkways 40135
  9. Kenny White: Out of My Element Comfort in the Static Wildflower 1328
  10. Steve Goodman: Banana Republics (S.Goodman-Steve Burgh- Jim Rothermel) The Best of the Asylum Years, Volume One Red Pajamas 1006
  11. The Capitol Steps: It's Trump's Party (And He'll Lie If He Wants To) (Weiner-Gold-Gluck/Newport-Eaton) The Lyin' Kings CapSteps 1039
  12. Chuck Brodsky: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Tulips for Lunch Waterbug-Brodsky 8022
  13. Rick Murrin (of the Underground Divas): The New Country Montreal no label or#
  14. Ben Bullington: Country Music (I'm Talkin' to You) Ben Bullington self 84501-89936
  15. U. Utah Phillips w/ Mark Ross: Country Music / Aces, Straights and Flushes Loafer's Glory Red House 103
  16. Stan Freberg: Washington Crosses the Delaware Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America, Vol. 1 Rhino R2-72476
  17. Pete Seeger: Yankee Doodle (trad) American Favorite Ballads 1 Smithsonian Folkways 40150
  18. The Lost Pines: Valley Forge (Christian Ward) Middle of the Morning self 23043-43012
  19. Lunasa: Snowball set - Ciara's Dance (Cillian Vellely) / Burning Snowball (Johnny McCarthy) / Road to Reel (Tommy Cunniffe) La Nua self 00261-29505
  20. Blackbeard's Tea Party: Tommy's Tarbukas / Punter's Graveyard (trad) Reprobates self 797776-051892
  21. David Massengill: Number One in America Coming Up For Air Flying Fish 70540
  22. Eddy Lawrence: Red State/Blue Mind Eddy and the Abstract Truth Snowplow 110
  23. Scott Cook: Walk That Lonesome Valley (trad-Scott Cook) Further Down the Line self 91061-22085
  24. Annie & Rod Capps: Walking Through When They Fall Yellow Room 022
  25. The Early Risers (Putnam Smith & Ashley Storrow): Walking Making Life Sweet Itchy Sabot 009
  26. David Wilcox: We Make the Way by Walking The View from the Edge self 81626-51772
  27. Michael Doucet: Walking on a Mardi Gras Day (Michael Doucet- Susan Werner) Lacher Prise Compass 74740-2
  28. Paul Simon: Take Me to the Mardi Gras There Goes Rhymin' Simon Warner 78900
  29. The Flyin' A's: Lungs (Townes Van Zandt) No Holds Barred self 0191
  30. John Gorka: If I Could Forget to Breathe Temporary Road High Street 72902 10315-2
  31. Rose Cousins: The Time Being Bravado Outside 9132
  32. Noel Paul Stookey: Every Breath You Take (Gordon Sumner aka Sting) One & Many New World 220822
  33. Matt Watroba: One Little Sip (Si Kahn) The Far Si self 49288-42062
  34. Steve Key: How I Learned to Drink self 00261-47880
  35. Debra Cowan: Alcohol (Ray Davies) Fond Desire Farewell Falling Mountain 1054
  36. Scott Cook & The Long Weekends: Drink Poverty History Go Long Groove Revival 007
  37. (Miranda) Dawn & (Chris) Hawkes: Cherrywood (C.Hawkes) Yours and Mine self 59715-19934
  38. Vanessa Lively: Oh Deliverance (from an unreleased album)
  39. The Wailin' Jennys: Calling All Angels (Jane Siberry) Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House Red House 220
  40. Rachael Sage: Catch the Light Character - acoustic Mpress no#
  41. (Robert) Campbell & (Cailin) Green: Heaven's Company (Robt.Campbell-Kathryn Berry) On Being Human self 25105-15902
  42. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Poor Man's Gambit, Eddy Lawrence, Annie & Rod Capps, The Early Risers, The Flyin' A's, Michael Doucet, Rose Cousins, Rachael Sage

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