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November 23, 2019

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Jennifer Armstrong: At the Table self 1704
  3. Artisan (Hilary Spencer, Jacey & Brian Bedford): Stuff the Turkey (Brian Bedford) Paper Angels Boing 9806
  4. Pete Seeger: Soon As We Cook Sweet Potatoes (trad) Song and Play Time Smithsonian Folkways 45023
  5. Sara Grey: Cranberry Song (trad) Back in the Airly Days Waterbug 0044
  6. The Grimm Family: Sweet Corn Swing (Jan Lucas-Jackson Grimm) Finding Home: Indiana at 200 Vault 012
  7. The Tender Land (orig.cast-Joy Clements, Claramae Turner, Norman Treigle, Richard Cassilly (et.al.): The Promise of Living (Aaron Copland/Horace Everett) Columbia MS 6184
  8. Andi and I: Gobbler's Revenge (Al & Andi Tauber) private recording
  9. Hamilton Camp: Blame It on the Turkeys (Hamilton Camp-John Brent) (Unity Church - Chicago, March 31, 1985) WFMT Recording
  10. The New Students: We Won't Go Away (Justin Flagg) Endless Sea self 80547-29039
  11. Marion Halliday: We Are the Change Rings Around Saturn self 88295-90918
  12. Lois Morton: Bipartisan Thinking It Through self 55491-15138
  13. Lee Murdock: The Christmas Ship Christmas Goes to Sea Depot 780975-866916
  14. Irish Christmas in America (Niamh Farrell, v., Samantha Harvey, keyboard): River (Joni Mitchell) Last Night in Chicago Ceol 005
  15. Annie & Rod Capps: Poor Old Me When They Fall</em> Yellow Room 022
  16. Ilsabe O'Connell: Pity Party Little Lost Cause Good Taste 0011965
  17. The Foremen: Don't Pity Me (Roy Zimmerman) Folk Heroes Reprise 9 45993-2
  18. (Jennifer) Ashley & (Joel) Simpson: Deep River Blues (trad) Off to Here Land self no#
  19. The Sweet Lowdown (Amanda Blied, Shanti Bremer, Miriam Sonstenes): River's Deep (S.Bremer) The Sweet Lowdown self 29440-82757
  20. Paul Robeson: Deep River (trad) Ballad for Americans Vanguard 117/18
  21. John McCutcheon: Survivor (story by McCutcheon) / Well May the World Go (trad/Peter Seeger) Untold Appalsongs 2009
  22. Shawna Caspi: Brave Parade (Lynn Miles) Forest Fire self 61297-54660
  23. Natalie MacMaster w/ Jim Edey, g.: Judy's Dance set - Miss Grace Campell (trad) / Aoife's Reel (Jerry Holland) / Judy's Dance (Natalie MacMaster) Sketches Linus 270431
  24. Gatehouse: Monasteraden set - Monasteraden Fancy aka Over the Moor to Peggy / The Primrose Lasses (trad) Heather Down the Moor Gael Linn 214
  25. Heather Pierson: Where Will You Go Lines and Spaces Vessel 012
  26. Enoch Kent: Crematorium Song (trad-Sean Tierney-E.Kent) One More Round Borealis 190
  27. Glen Simpson: Bury Me in My Pickup Truck 13 Stories High Tomato Gravy 008
  28. Lois Morton: I Live in Gun-Loving America (Jule Jacobs/Lois Morton) Thinking It Through self 55491-15138
  29. Christine Lavin: Cary Grant, Esther Williams, Tom Cruise & The Romance of the Gun The Best of Christine Lavin self 88295-91983
  30. Kora Feder: Automatic Times In Sevens self 55491-14409
  31. Lilt (Tina Eck & Keith Carr): The Soaring Kestral (Johnny McCarthy) / Leddy from Cavan (Ed Reavy) X Lockhouse 00261-47701
  32. Crys Matthews: Ruby These Old Hands Newsong 1902
  33. Irene Kelley: Sister's Heart (I.Kelley-Jon Weisberger) Pennsylvania Coal Patio Records 84501-95395
  34. Four Bitchin' Babes (Marcy Marxer-Deirdre Flint-Debi Smith- Sally Fingerett): Sisters (Debi Smith) Mid Life Vices Hem and Haw 00261-36397
  35. Alison Krauss & Union Station: Sinking Stone (Jeremy Lister) Paper Airplane Rounder11661-0655-2 (recipient of the 2019 National Medal of Arts, from Champaign, IL)
  36. Jason Wilber: Sinking Down Lazy Afternoon WilberTone 005
  37. Cheryl Wheeler: Must Be Sinking Now Defying Gravity Philo 11671-1240-2
  38. Night Tree: Thanksgiving (Sunniva Brynnel) Night Tree self 98577-09812
  39. Kitty Donohoe: Every Small Thing Northern Border Roheen 007
  40. Gathering Sparks (Eve Goldberg & Jane Lewis): Bless Everything (Jane Lewis) All That's Real Borealis 259
  41. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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The New Students, Marian Halliday, Lois Morton, Natalie MacMaster, Gatehouse, Heather Pierson, Lilt, Crys Matthews, Gathering Sparks

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