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November 16, 2019

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Rob Carlson: Here We Are . . . Some New Ones self no#
  3. Jody Kessler: We Are Here, This Is Now Another Day of Loving In the Moment 25
  4. Do I Hear a Waltz? (new cast-Alyson Reed): Here We Are Again (Richard Rodgers/Stephen Sondheim) Fynsworth Alley 302062126-2
  5. Danny Santos w/ Karen Mal: Here We Are, There We Go Done Gone Got Lucky Wind River 4030
  6. Heather Pierson: Yes to Love Lines and Spaces Vesse 012
  7. Bob Gibson: Joy Joy (trad) Joy Joy! The Young and Wonderful Bob Gibson Riverside 9099-2
  8. Dave Ray w/ Katy Hobgood Ray: That Really Matters (Dave Ray) I Dream of Water Out of the Past 012
  9. Owls & Lions (Jay Della Vale & Nicole DeLoi): Love & Energy (J.D. Vale) There's a Light self 94171-09643
  10. (Christine) Albert & (Chris) Gage: Say Yes to Love (Tom Peterson) Dakota Lullaby Moon House 2908
  11. Judy Collins & Jonas Fjeld w/ Chatham County Line: Northwest Passage (Stan Rogers) Winter Stories Cleopatra 1560
  12. John Roberts & Tony Barrand: Lady Franklin's Lament (trad) Live at the Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, January 21, 1978 Golden Hind 303
  13. Lee Murdock: Frobisher Bay (James Gordon) Loving Light Depot 036
  14. Lee Murdock: After the Storm What About the Water Depot 034
  15. Jenner Fox: Dams Are for Beavers Buffalo self 91924-58364
  16. Dick Weissman w/ Allen Jones, v: New Homes on the Range No Ceiling self 00261-47721
  17. Peter Mayer: In Our Hands Catching Rain Blue Boat 1211
  18. David Roth: We Are the Stuff of Stars So Far, So Good Wind River 4053
  19. Kevin Burke w/ Leonard Barry, u.pipes; Michael Holmes, bazouki; John Joe Kelly, bodhran: John O'Connors / The Hungry Rock / A Night at the Fair (trad, via Leonard Barry) Silgo Made Loftus 010
  20. Natalie MacMaster: Fill 'Er Up for a Set! - Gordon Graham's Favorite (Dan R. MacDonald) / The Early Bird Jig (Andy Dejarlis) / Miss Anderson's Jig (trad) Sketches Linus Entertainment 270431
  21. Alisa Amador: Eventually Salt EP self demo no#
  22. Davey O.: Eventually Testing for Rust H3O 006
  23. Patty Griffin: Sooner or Later Silver Bell A&M promo demo
  24. Heather Pierson: Way Too Long Lines and Spaces Vesse 012
  25. Greg Greenway: Can't Get Out of My Own Way 20,000 Versions of the Sun Sheen of Heat 88295-46875
  26. Thom Bishop w/ Michael Olnick: Take Your Mind Off Your Mind (Earl of Old Town - October 20, 1974) WFMT Recording
  27. Shawna Caspi: Take This Mountain Forest Fire self 61297-54660
  28. Les Royal Pickles: Quand Les Nids-de-Poule Auront des Dents (lit.When Hens Have Teeth, trans. When Pigs Fly) Les Royal Pickles self no#
  29. David Mitchell & Robert Webb: Polls That Mitchell & Webb Sound, Series One BBC Audio
  30. Graham Lindsey w/ Chrissy Crowley, Anne Janelle & James Hill: Severn Head Set (G.Lindsey) TradHead Wavelength 86032-63812
  31. Susan Werner: Irrelevance Kicking the Beehive Sleeve Dog 84501-42863
  32. Anne Hills: I'm Nobody Points of View Appleseed 1119
  33. Don White: Life Lesson from Larry Live at the Guthrie Center Lumperboy 14118-01060
  34. John McCutcheon: Daddy Did (J.McCutcheon-Si Kahn-John Jennings) Untold Appleseed 2010
  35. Natalie MacMaster w/ Tim Edey: West Bay Road set - Planxty Hewlett (Turlough O'Carolan, arr.MacMaster-Edey) / Lauchie MacDougall's (MacMaster) Sketches Linus Entertainment 270431
  36. Kevin Burke w/ John Carty: Fahy's Hornpipe / The Foxhunter's Reel (trad) Sligo Made Loftus 010
  37. Archie Fisher w/ Garnet Rogers: Mary Ann (trad) The Best Times After All - Live Snow Goose 1137
  38. Sam Shaber: Mary-Anne Perfect Brown Chair 3263
  39. The Brother Brothers: Mary Ann (Adam & David Moss) Some People I Know Compass 74725-2
  40. Michael Smith: Time Is Moving in the Hallway Time Flying Fish 70613
  41. The New Students: The Thief of Time (Justin Flagg) Endless Sea self 805407-29039
  42. Heather Pierson: Take the Time Lines and Spaces Vessel 012
  43. Jon Brooks: When We Go Moth Nor Rust II Fallen Tree 1014
  44. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Heather Pierson, Owls & Lions, Judy Collins & Jonas Fjeld, Jennery Fox, Roberts & Barrand, Dick Weissman, Peter Mayer, Kevin Burke, Natalie MacMaster, Archie Fisher & Garnet Rogers, The New Students, John Brooks

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