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September 21, 2019

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. The Weavers: On Top of Old Smoky (trad.,arr.P.Seeger) Wasn't That a Time Vanguard 147/50
  3. Tom Mindte, Mason Via, Ben Somerville: Run Mountain (J.E.Mainer) 409 Patuxent 330
  4. Hot Club of Cowtown: High Upon the Mountain (Elana James) Wild Kingdom Gold Strike 006
  5. Him & Her (Michael D'Eath & Brenda Freed): High on a Mountain (Shelley King) Him & Her Do Texas Women self 78572-28134
  6. Hot Rize: High on a Mountain (Ola Belle Reed) So Long of a Journey Sugar Hill 3943
  7. Mark Dvorak: I Hate to See the Summer Go Time Ain't Got Nothin' on Me Waterbug 0098
  8. Dar Williams: The End of the Summer Razor & Tie 2830-2
  9. Katherine Rondeau: Urge for Going (Joni Mitchell) Unfortunate Point of View self 88295-84635
  10. Joe Jencks: Flame in the Darkness The Candle and the Flame 072707-1
  11. (Carol Elizabeth) Jones and (James) Leva: Light Enough to Find My Way Rounder 0407
  12. Chris Stuart: A Single Candle Angels of Mineral Springs Backcountry 836
  13. Christine Lavin: The Great British Bake-Off The Best of Christine Lavin self 88295-91983
  14. David Mitchell & Robert Webb: Soup of the Day / Pie of the Month That Mitchell & Webb Sound Series 5 BBC Audio
  15. Jody Kruskal: Gooseberry Pie (PD) Sing to me, concertina boy self 105
  16. John Roberts & Tony Barrand: The Barley Mow (trad) Live at the Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, January 21, 1978 Golden Hind 303
  17. The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem: The Juice of the Barley (trad,arr.Liam Clancy) In Person at Carnegie Hall Columbia Legacy 88697-42571-2
  18. Margaret Christl & Ian Robb w/ Grit Laskin: The Barley Grain for Me (trad) Folk-Legacy 62
  19. John Roberts & Tony Barrand: Good Ale Live at the Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, January 21, 1978 Golden Hind 303
  20. Dave Gunning: Ferris Wheel (D.Gunning-Jamie Robinson) Up Against the Sky Wee House of Music 2019
  21. Elaine Romanelli: Ferris Wheel Folkstage - March 18, 2017 WFMT recording
  22. Dave Potts: Ferris Wheel $12.99 Looking Up" 0602
  23. Helene Cronin: Riding the Gray Line (David Corley-Helen Cronin) Old Ghosts & Lost Causes self 45121-03468
  24. Harry Chapin: Greyhound Story of a Life Elektra-Rhino 75875
  25. Ken Hicks: Half the Fun of Going Is Getting There Folkstage at the Old Town School, April 4, 2004 WFMT recording
  26. Annie Gallup: The Trouble with Truth Bookish self 93447-42012
  27. Lynn Miles: I Always Told You the Truth Black Flowers Volume 2 True North 531
  28. Peter Mulvey: Lies You Forgot You Told Silver Ladder Signature Sounds 2062
  29. Allison Lupton: What Will I Dream Words of Love self 77320-19272
  30. Shari Ulrich: Canada Back to Shore Borealis 255
  31. Pauline Scanlon: The Green Fields of Canada (trad, arr. Hennessey-Scanlon) Hush Compass 74435-2
  32. Johnny Cash: I Walk the Line The Essential Johnny Cash Columbia Legacy 86290
  33. Joan Baez: Walkin' Down the Line (Bob Dylan) Any Day Now Vanguard 79747-2
  34. Susan Gibson: Imaginary Lines (S.Gibson-Jana Pochop- Michael Schwartz) The Hard Stuff self 45121-03313
  35. Helene Cronin: Careless with a Heart Old Ghosts & Lost Causes self 45121-03468
  36. Susan Gibson: Diagnostic Heart The Hard Stuff self 45121-03313
  37. Birdie Busch: Go Go Gadget Heart Penny Arcade Bar None 187
  38. Zoe Mulford: Speak True Small Brown Birds Azalea City 1701
  39. Finest Kind: Only Remembered (trad, new verse John Tams) Lost in a Song Fallen Angle 02
  40. Tanya Tucker: Bring My Flowers Now (T.Tucker-Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanserouth, Phil Hanseroth) While I'm Livin' Fantasy 00499
  41. Pete Morton: The Last Inch of Freedom (P.Morton-Les Barker) Twilight of the Dogs Mrs.Ackroyd 019
  42. Peter, Paul & Mary: No Easy Walk to Freedom (Peter Yarrow) Gold Castle 171-001-2
  43. Resonant Rogues: Autumn of the World self 00261-47455
  44. John Roberts & Tony Barrand: Thyme (trad) Live at the Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, January 21, 1978 Golden Hind 303
  45. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

fill: Fairport Convention: End of a Holiday (Simon Nicol) What We Did On Our Holidays Hannibal 4430

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Hot Club of Cowtown, John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Dave Gunning, Helene Cronin, Annie Gallup, Allison Lupton, Shari Ulrich, Resonant Rogues

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