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May 4, 2019

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Carrie Newcomer: Everything We Need The Point of Arrival Available Light 05
  3. Rufus Wainwright: All I Want (Joni Mitchell) Joni 75 - A Birthday Celebration Decca 00297224-02
  4. Tomato Tomato (John & Lisa McLaggan): Everything You Need (John McLaggan) I Go Where You Go self 29982-17180
  5. Joel Rafael: Never Needing Rose Avenue Inside 1936
  6. Bianca DeLeon: I'm Waiting for a Miracle Dangerous Endeavor Lonesome Highway 1001
  7. (Christine) Albert & (Chris) Gage: I'm Looking for a Miracle (Jesse Winchester) Jumpin' Tracks Moon House 3121
  8. Joy Williams: Look How Far We've Come (Joy Williams-Natalie Hemby) Front Porch Sensibility 62312
  9. Mary Chapin Carpenter: The Age of Miracles Zoe 01143-1133-2
  10. The Andrew Collins Trio: Katy Dear (trad) Tongue self 41533-76141
  11. Pete Seeger: Be Kind to Your Parents (:57) (Harold Rome) Young vs. Old Omni 125
  12. Mandolin Orange: Silver Dagger (trad) Tides of a Teardrop Yep Roc 2638X
  13. Robin Bienemann: Hey Haikuer (private recording)
  14. Les Barker: Haiku Arovertherapy Mrs. Ackroyd 015
  15. Mary Liz McNamara: Haiku Unhinged self no#
  16. The Princes of Serendip (T.G Vanini, Julie Parisi Kirby): Little Brown Mouse (T.G.Vanini) Yumpatiddly Bee Jaiya 30318-87469
  17. Richard Dyer-Bennet: The Tailor and the Mouse (trad) Dyer-Bennet 6 - Songs with Young People in Mind Smithsonian Folkways 45053
  18. The Folk Brothers (David Massengill & Jack Hardy): Ode to a Mouse (Massengill) Partners in Crime
  19. Callaghan: Silence Callaghan self 037300-833248
  20. The Levins (Julia & Ira): Silence (J&I Levin/Carl Sandburg) Caravan of Dawn self 88295-87394
  21. Paul Simon: The Sound of Silence The Paul Simon Songbook CBS 62579
  22. Shawna Caspi: Not So Silent Apartments for Lovers self 88174-79974-2
  23. Joel Mabus: Thank a Teacher Time & Truth Fossil 2719
  24. Ed Miller: The Teacher's Rant (Ian Davison) The Edinburgh Rambler Wellfield 022
  25. Bye Bye Birdie (orig.B'way cast-Chita Rivera-Dick Van Dyke): An English Teacher (Charles Strouse/Lee Adams) Columbia Legacy 89254
  26. Uncle Bonsai: New Jobs for America (An Ode to Teachers) (Andrew Ratshin) The Family Feast Yellow Tail 10029
  27. Patty Griffin: Boys from Tralee Patty Griffin Thirty Tigers 44216-26391
  28. Karan Casey & John Doyle: Sailing Off to the Yankee Land (trad, via Frank Harte) Exiles Return Compass 74529-2
  29. Vivian Nesbitt & John Dillon: I Had Left Ireland Behind Me (Si Kahn) The Songs of Mother Jones in Heaven self 00261-47297
  30. Ordinary Elephant (Crystal Hariu-Damore & Pete Damore): I Come From Honest self 00261-47343
  31. The Andrew Collins Trio: Big Toaster Groove self 41533-76142
  32. Allison DeGroot & Tatiana Hargreaves: Melinda (trad) Allison DeGroot and Tatiana Hargreaves Free Dirt 0092
  33. Eric Lee: I Wish I Was A Plumber (Eric Lee-Pete Nelson) Heartache Town self 88295-79740
  34. Greg Brown: I Wish I Was a Painter (Greg Brown-Ella Mae Brown) One More Goodnight Kiss Red House 23
  35. Tim Hardin: If I Were a Carpenter The Best of Tim Hardin Polydor 440016405-2
  36. Tim Buckley: Once I Was Goodbye and Hello Elektra 74028-2
  37. Katie Dahl: Hometown Tables Leaky Boats and Paper Birds Leaky Boat 07541-49629
  38. Tim Grimm: Finding Home (Jan Lucas-Jackson Grimm) A Stranger in This Time Vault 013
  39. Emily White: Arkansas Staking Flags in the Valley Squeezed Fresh 88174-95287-1
  40. Callaghan: Have You Ever Loved Acoustic Coffee House self 00261-44015
  41. Bob Franke: Hard Love The Other Evening in Chicago Waterbug 66
  42. Shawna Caspi: The Love I Know Forest Fire self 61297-54660-2
  43. David Massengill: The Great American Dream The Return Plump 5903-2
  44. Amy White with Al Petteway: American Dream (Amy White) Home Sweet Home Fairewood 051
  45. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken In Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Carrie Newcomer, Joni 75, Joel Rafael, Biana DeLeon, Joy Williams, Mandolin Orange, Princes of Serendip, Patty Griffin, Nesbitt & Dillon-Mother Jones, Ordinary Elephant, Eric Lee

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