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September 1, 2018

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. David Roth: Last Day on This Earth self 45121-02649
  3. Mustard's Retreat: Make Your Own Luck (David Tamulevich- Michael Hough) Yellow Room 021
  4. New Reveille: Truth in Life (George Hage-Jim Photoglo) The Keep Loud & Proud 67
  5. (James) Moors & (Kort) McCumber: La Da Da Da Acrobats self 89577-77362
  6. Holly Near: Calling Me Out (Holly Near-Jan Martinelli) 2018 Calico Tracks 0012
  7. Joe Jencks: You Are the 'U' In Union (Si Kahn-Joe Jencks) The Forgotten Turtle Bear 020118-01
  8. John O'Connor: We Ain't Gonna Give It Back self 00261-45019
  9. Tom Paxton: I'm the Man That Built the Bridges Ain't That News Elektra 8122-73565-2
  10. Kathy Mattea: I Can't Stand Up Alone (Martha Carson) Pretty Bird Captain Potato 89277
  11. Jesse Winchester: Stand By Me (Ben E.King-Jerry Leiber-Mike Stoller) Love Filling Station Appleseed 1110
  12. Michael Johnson: Stand By Me (Amazingrace, Evanston - May 1, 1977) WFMT recording
  13. Doc Watson: Stand By Me (Ernest Tubb) Legacy High Windy 1258-2
  14. Holly Near: When I Grow Up 2018 Calico Tracks 0012
  15. Andrew McKnight: When I Grow Up Turning Pages Falling Mountain 1031
  16. Claude 'Butch' Morgan: I Don't Remember Growing Up Seriously? self 2008
  17. Bryan Bowers: Hey Boys (M.Jayne-R.Dillard-D.Webb-H.Pedersen) Crabby Old Man self 43157-41861
  18. Joel Mabus: Am I Right No Worries Now. . . Fossil 2009
  19. David Roth: Create and Adjust (David Roth-Sloan Wainwright) Last Day on This Earth self 45121-02649
  20. The Weavers: I Don't Want to Get Adjusted (:53) (trad) The Weavers on Tour Vanguard 73116
  21. Tom Chapin: We Will Adjust (Jon Cobert/Tom Chapin) Let the Bad Times Roll Sundance 82148 09232
  22. The YaYas (Catherine Miles & Jay Mafale): Price of Progress Paper Boats self 00261-30934
  23. Ben Bedford: Little Falcon The Hermit's Spyglass Hopeful Sky 203
  24. Richard & Mimi Farina: Falcon (R.Farina) Celebrations for a Grey Day Vanguard 79174-2
  25. Andrea Tomasi: Falcon Andrea Tomasi Team Love 2013
  26. Joe Jencks: Shuttle & Loom (Si Kahn-Joe Jencks) The Forgotten Turtle Bear 020118-01
  27. Working (orig.B'way cast - Robin Lamont): Millwork (James Taylor) Fynsworth Alley 302 062 1142
  28. Anne Hills: Sound of the Looms Angle of the Light Flying Fish 70648
  29. House of Hamill (Rose Baldino & Brian Buchanan): Pound a Week Rise (Ed Pickford) / Anne Lacey's (Liz Carroll) March Through Storms" self 45121-02588 (houseofhamill.com)
  30. John O'Connor: Go Down Pittston We Ain't Gonna Give It Back self 00261-45019
  31. Sparky & Rhonda Rucker: Thirty-Inch Coal (Mike Paxton) Folkstage - May 2, 2015 WFMT recording
  32. Childsplay: Buddy's Strathspey / The Wooden Whale / The Farmer's Daughter (Hanneke Cassel) The Bloom of Youth self 007
  33. House of Hamill (Rose Baldino & Brian Buchanan): Delay Set -Sorry for the Delay / Magnificent Map / Sue's Song March Through Storms self 45121-02588
  34. Liam Clancy & Tommy Makem: Finnegan's Wake (Jas.Joyce-trad- Clancy-Makem) (Stages Music Hall - November 21, 1979) WFMT Recording
  35. Gerard Hoffnung: I Then Became a Bricklayer A Last Encore BBC Worldwide 780563-536758
  36. Bill Berry: The Brick Awkward Stage Songwriter's Square 001
  37. Montana Tunesmith: 31 Flavors (Tim Nordstrom) Dream Catch self 88295-78915
  38. Malvina Reynolds: Little Boxes Ear to the Ground Smithsonian Folkways 40124
  39. Cris Cuddy: The Same Old Game Dream On Vanishing Castle 2545
  40. Joe Jencks: The Old Labor Hall (Si Kahn-Joe Jencks) The Forgotten Turtle Bear 020118-01
  41. U. Utah Phillips: Soapbox Oration The Long Memory Red House 83
  42. Magpie (Terry Leonino & Greg Artzner): Build High the Bridge (Ronnie Gilbert-Jeff Langley) When We Stand Together Long Tail 008
  43. John McCutcheon: Joe Hill's Last Will (McCutcheon/Joe Hill) Appalsongs 2015
  44. Anais Mitchell: Come September xoa Wilderland 003
  45. Jim Sharkey: September Sweet Anne's Road self 00261-43437
  46. Michael SmithMichael P. Smith: Chords / September Song (Kurt Weill/Maxell Anderson) Songwriting self 88295-72961
  47. Walter Huston: September Song (Kurt Weill/Maxell Anderson) Broadway's Greatest Leading Men Decca 314541634-2
  48. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken In Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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David Roth, Mustard's Retreat, New Reveille, Holly Near, Kathy Mattea, House of Hamill, Childsplay

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