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July 14, 2018

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Woody Guthrie: This Land Is Your Land Smithsonian Folkways 40100
  3. Kate Smith: God Bless America (Irving Berlin) The Victory Collection: The Smithsonian Remembers When America Went to War RCA-Smithsonian RD106-DMC3-1243
  4. Larry Kaplan: God Bless America True Enough Hannah Lane 04
  5. Marat/Sade (orig.cast-Royal Shakespeare Company): The People's Reaction (Peter Weiss / Richard Peaslee) Caedmon TRS 312
  6. Woody Guthrie: Going Down the Road (I Ain't Gonna Be Treated This Way) My Dusty Road Rounder 11661-11632
  7. Arranmore: Americana (M.Bandy) Live Folk Era 1405
  8. Zoë Lewis: Bastille Day Fishbone Wishbone Funnybone Dog Called Dog 83707-40852
  9. Carolann Solebello: Bastille Day in New York Shiver Elizabeth 014
  10. Edith Piaf: Les Amants de Paris (Ferre-Marnet) The Passion of Edith Piaf Pr1mo 6053
  11. Bonnie Koloc: Angel from Montgomery (John Prine) Rediscovered Mr. Biscuit 05
  12. Steve Young: Montgomery in the Rain Solo/Live Watermelon 1004
  13. Randall Bramblett: Driving to Montgomery Kerrville 2017 Festival Sampler KFF no#
  14. Ordinary Elephant (Crystal Hariu-Damore & Peter Damore): Leaving Kerrville Before I Go Berkalin 10036
  15. Michael Flanders & Donald Swann: Paris The Extiary of Flanders & Swann EMI 7974642
  16. My Fair Lady (2018 B'way cast-Harry Hadden-Paton): Why Can't the English (Frederick Loewe/Alan Jay Lerner) Broadway 10018
  17. Good News (orig.soundtrk-June Allyson & Peter Lawford): The French Lesson (Betty Comden-Adolph Green) Sony 47025
  18. Donna Herula: Future Blues (Willie Brown) Donna Herula self 76650-02015
  19. Jimmie Rodgers: Blue Yodel (T for Texas) Jimmie Rodgers 1927-28 - First Sessions Rounder 11661-10562
  20. Dom Flemons: Texas Easy Street (trad,via Henry Thomas) Dom Flemons presents Black Cowboys Smithsonian Folkways 40224
  21. Judy Collins: Dreamers private recording
  22. Los Texmaniacs: Deportee (Martin Hoffman/Woody Guthrie) Cruzando Borders Smithsonian Folkways 40576
  23. The John Byrne Band: The Immigrant and the Orphan self 88295-32452
  24. Eliza Gilkyson: Reunion Secularia Red House 307
  25. Bonnie Koloc: Wild Mountain Thyme (trad, via McPeake family) Seem's Like Yesterday Mr. Biscuit 06
  26. Brigadoon (orig.B'way cast-David Brooks & Marion Bell): The Heather on the Hill (Frederick Loewe/Alan Jay Lerner) RCA Victor 1001-2
  27. Eva Cassidy: Fields of Gold (Sting) Songbird Blix Street G2-10045
  28. Robbie Ellis: How Many Legs Pumpkins self 55491-11487
  29. Can-Can (orig.B'way cast): Montmart (Cole Porter) Angel 764664-2
  30. Andrew Calhoun: A Hoosier in Paris Shadow of a Wing Waterbug 0057
  31. Claudia Russell & Bruce Kaplan: Land of Plenty Lovers Tree Radio Rhythm 009
  32. Woody Guthrie: Do-Re-Mi This Land Is Your Land Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40100
  33. Marat/Sade (orig. cast-Royal Shakespeare Company): Marat We're Poor (Peter Weiss / Richard Peaslee) Caedmon TRS 312
  34. Tret Fure: #45 Roses in November Tomboy Girl 2018-83108
  35. Harpeth Rising: I Did Not Make This World (David Greenberg) Against All Tides Grimm Rising 88295-57111
  36. Robbie Ellis: Root Vegetable Opera Pumpkins self 55491-11487
  37. Martin, Bogan & Armstrong: Barnyard Dance (The Vegetable Song) (Carl Martin) Rounder 2003
  38. Trapezoid: Ratatouille (Lorraine Duisit) (Holsteins - September 28, 1984) WFMT recording
  39. Cosy Sheridan: Napoleon - The Musical Sometimes I Feel Too Much self 00261-433774
  40. Allan Sherman: You Went the Wrong Way, Old King Louie My Son the Box Warner-Rhino 7891
  41. Marat/Sade (orig.cast-Royal Shakespeare Company): Fifteen Glorious Years (Richard Peaslee/Peter Weiss) Caedmon TRS 312
  42. Larry Penn: Prayer to Woody I'm a Little Cookie Collector 1937
  43. Dan Weber: Oh Woody What I'm Lookin' For Highway 142 Music 1502
  44. John Flynn: Like Woody Done Poor Man's Diamonds self 01344-00102
  45. Cosy Sheridan: Woody Guthrie Watch Over Me Sometimes I Feel Too Much self 00261-433774
  46. Woody Guthrie w/ Cisco Houston & Bess Hawes: Will You Miss Me (A.P.Carter, arr.-adpt.W.Guthrie) Woody Guthrie Sings Folk Songs Smithsonian Folkways 40007
  47. Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer: Howdy Little Newly Come (Cathy Fink/Woody Guthrie) Folkstage - August 30, 2008 WFMT recording
  48. Garnet Rogers: After All (G.Rogers/Henry Lawson) Speaking Softly in the Dark Snow Goose 1115
  49. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken In Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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