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June 9, 2018

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Trout Steak Revival (Steve Foltz): The Light Spirit to the Sea self 59740-73101
  3. Vinegar Creek Constituency: A Bright Unsteady Light Amerikindasorta self 88295-68109
  4. JoAnne Spies: Step Up to the Light North Avenue Honey Dolce 00261-27598
  5. Barbara Dane: This Little Light of Mine (trad) Hot Jazz, Cool Blues & Hard-Hitting Songs Smithsonian Folkways 40227
  6. Ry Cooder: Gentrification (Ry & Joachim Cooder) The Prodigal Son Fantasy 00235
  7. TR Kelley: Urban Renewal Ghosts of Dreams Darkwater 003
  8. Artisan: NIMBY (Brian Bedford) Our Back Yard Bedspring 9604
  9. Tom Chapin w/ Michael Mark & Jon Cobert: Our Mothers Built This City (Tom Chapin-Si Kahn) At the Turning Point Sundance 029
  10. Andrew Hardin & Hank Alrich: No Planet B (Hank Alrich) !Ah Ha! Armadillo 1701
  11. The DonJuans (Don Henry & Jon Vezner): No Plan B The Don Juans Revue Scratched 01
  12. Peter Mulvey: Vlad the Astrophysicist Letters from a Flying Machine Signature Sounds 2024
  13. The Byrds: Mr. Spaceman (Roger McGuinn) The Essential Byrds Columbia Legacy 89110
  14. Tom Russell: Rose of San Joaquin (Tom Russell-Ian Tyson) Old Songs Yet to Sing Frontera 12
  15. Joyce Woodson: Have You Seen the San Joaquin? (J.Woodson-Fred Koller) Landscapes Radish 931
  16. Jim Ringer: Tramps and Hawkers (trad/Jim Ringer) The Best of Jim Ringer - The Ballad of Jesse James Philo 1202
  17. Janis Ian: A Candle For the Flame Strictly Solo Rude Girl 099
  18. Stan Rogers: Song of the Candle Turnaround Borealis 215
  19. Dave Moore: The Third Candle I Burnt Tonight Over My Shoulder Red House 34
  20. Mike Agranoff: The Ballad of Jake and 10-Ton Molly ...Or would you rather get a job? self 83707-30042
  21. Dana Cooper: Incendiary Kid Travianna 71020
  22. Chris Vallillo: Early (Greg Brown) The Dance Gin Ridge 1008
  23. Ann Zimmerman: The Early Morning (Ann Zimmerman-Kelly Wiess/Hilaire Belloc) Blue Wild Indigo A-Z 003
  24. Cary Morin: Dawn's Early Light Cradle to the Grave self 88295-52635
  25. The Fretless (Trent Freeman, Karrnnel Sawitsky, Ben Plotnick, Eric Wright): Dawning of the Day (trad) Live from the Ant Farm self 191924-641186
  26. Larry & Nicole Rand: Flat Tire Blues (L.Rand) Deep-dish Folk Junior Dog 84501 17639
  27. Joni Mitchell: You Dream Flat Tires Love Has Many Faces Rhino 544846
  28. Marie-Lynn Hammond: Two Wheel Tango Inpromp2 Vignette7882-2
  29. Susan Werner: Recumbent Bike 8 Unnecessary Songs (And an Odd Little Hymn) for Piano, Voice & Miscellany, Volume 1 self 88295-49615
  30. Catrin Finch (Welsh harp) & Seckou Keita (kora): Listen to the Grass Grow Soar ARC no#
  31. Kittel & Co. (Jeremy Kittel, fid; Josh Pinkham, mand; Quinn Bachand, guit): Home in the World (Kittel) Whorls Compass 74710-2
  32. Qristina Brooke (Bachand): The River Linger self 24165-39515
  33. U.N. Spokesperson: War Starts in Korea (June 25, 1950) Battleground Korea - Songs and Sounds of America's Forgotten War Bear Family 17518
  34. Lightnin' Hopkins: War News Blues Battleground Korea - Songs and Sounds of America's Forgotten War Bear Family 17518
  35. Sunshine Boys Quartet: God Please Protect America (Jimmie Osborne) Battleground Korea - Songs and Sounds of America's Forgotten War Bear Family 17518
  36. Bob Dylan: With God on Our Side MTV Unplugged Columbia 67000
  37. Dwight Eisenhower announces an armistice in Korea
  38. Sister Rosetta Tharpe: There's Peace in Korea (Rosetta Tharpe-M.Ascher) Battleground Korea - Songs and Sounds of America's Forgotten War Bear Family 17518
  39. David Davis & The Warrior River Boys: If the River Was Whiskey (W.C.Handy) Didn't He Ramble: Songs of Charlie Poole Rounder 11661-00347
  40. Tom Russell w/ Andrew Hardin & Hank Alrich: Canadian Whisky Old Songs Yet to Sing Frontera 12
  41. Andrew Collins Trio (James McElaney, Mike Mezzatesta): I Drink Whiskey (My Gal Drinks Wine) (Tom Parker) Tongue self 41533-76141
  42. Rod Abernethy: All My Days The Man I'm Supposed to Be Songs from Downstairs 1101
  43. Gaelynn Lea & Paul Tressler: Breathe, You Are Alive! (G.Lea) The Songs We Sing Along the Way self 89577-75962
  44. Mary Black: Steady Breathing (Chris White-Julie Matthews) Stories from the Steeples Blix Street 10100
  45. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken In Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Trout Steak Revival, Barbara Dane, Ry Cooder, Tom Chapin, Andrew Hardin & Hank Alrich, Tom Russell, Dana Cooper, The Fretless, Kittel & Co., Battleground Korea, Rod Abernethy, David Davis & The Warrior River Boys

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