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May 5, 2018

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Reggie Harris: Ready to Go self 00261-46565
  3. Jonathan Edwards: People Get Ready / Train of Glory Rollin' Along Strictly Country Records 68
  4. Joe Rollin Porter: Bound to Ride (trad,arr.J.R.Porter) Take This Hammer Joropo 314
  5. Dave Tull: Fly by the Seat of My Pants Texting and Driving Toy Car 0210
  6. The Kennedys (Pete & Maura): Safe Until Tomorrow (Maura Kennedy) self 00261-46539
  7. (Liam) Robinson & (Jean) Rohe: Safe Harbor (L.Robinson) Hunger Laundry Line no#
  8. Loretta Hagen: You'll Be Safe Here Lucky Stars Bearfort 003
  9. Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers: Let It Come (M.Bowers) Dreams, Lovers and Outlaws Roundhouse 0207
  10. Rebecca Frazier: Morning and Night (Rebecca & John Frazier) When We Fall Compass 74603-2
  11. Kat Eggleston: Day In and Night Out (Andrew Calhoun) Second Nature Waterbug 0005
  12. David Clark: Morning, Noon, and Night Ten Out of the Sky 5010
  13. Annie Get Your Gun (orig.cast re-recording-Ethel Merman): I Got the Sun In the Morning (Irving Berlin) RCA Victor 1124-2
  14. Dave Tull: The Texting Song Texting and Driving Toy Car 0210
  15. Roy Acuff: Wreck on the Highway (Dorsey Dixon) The Essential Roy Acuff Columbia Legacy 90906
  16. Lois Morton: The Cell Phone Song As I See It Green Robin 84502-41515
  17. Rita Hosking: Six Seconds For Real self 55491-11320
  18. Reggie Harris: Another Age (Phil Ochs) Ready to Go self 00261-46565
  19. Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches: Get Us Out of Fearland (Betina Hershey) self 88295-69095
  20. Amy Kucharik: Hoarse Until the Words Are Gone Rag Tiger 03
  21. Rachael Sage: Tomorrow Myopia Mpress 9009-2
  22. Matthew Byrne: Adelaide Horizon Lines self 060417
  23. Laura Smith: My Bonny (trad/L.Smith) b'tween the earth and my soul Cornermuse 50235 21
  24. Nic Jones: Boots of Spanish Leather (Bob Dylan) Unearthed Mollie 02/03
  25. Harpeth Rising: Well, Hell (Jordana Greenberg) Shifted Grimm Rising 88295-29506
  26. Leah Kaufman: Do Well in Hell On To Some Thing Fine Boojum 5001
  27. Donna Ray Norton: The Farmer's Curst Wife (trad) Big Bend Killing Great Smoky Mountain Association 200973
  28. Diana Jones: Satan (D.Jones-Donna Ullissee) Museum of Appalachia Recordings Goldmine 001
  29. Kitty Donohoe: Working for Mrs. O'Leary The Irishman's Daughter Roheen 008
  30. The Arrogant Worms w/ the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, c. David Hoyt: I am Cow Semi-Conducted self 2002
  31. Bob & Ray (Mary McGoon-Ray Goulding): I'd Like to Be a Cow in Switzerland The Very Best of Bob & Ray High Bridge 781615-730995 - 52995
  32. Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers: Ballad of Bill Ballou (M.Bowers) Dreams, Lovers and Outlaws Roundhouse 0207
  33. Dom Flemons: One Dollar Bill (trad,arr.Dom Flemons) Black Cowboys Smithsonian Folkways 40234
  34. Debby McClatchy: Ballad of Blasphemous Bill (D.McClatchy/ Robt. W. Service) Lady Luck Green Linnet 1017
  35. Carolann Solebello: Right Here Shiver Elizabeth 014
  36. Kate & Ann McGarrigle: I Eat Dinner (K.McGarrigle) Heartbeats Accelerating Private Music 2070-2
  37. Reggie Harris: 3:16am Ready to Go self 00261-46565
  38. Chuck Brodsky: The Come Here's and the Been Here's Radio Red House 119
  39. Dave Stoddard: Good Fences Get Off My Lawn self no#
  40. Cosy Sheridan & Charlie Koch: My Fence and My Neighbor self 00261-46540
  41. Connla: Sail On (Dick Gaughan) The Next Chapter self 88295-69400
  42. Tom Russell: Beyond the Blues (Russell-Case-Neuwirth) Old Songs Yet to Sing Frontera 12
  43. Pharis & Jason Romero: Stitch in Time Sweet Old Relgion Lula 1805
  44. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken In Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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Reggie Harris, Joe Rollin Porter, Dave Tull, The Kennedys, Rita Hosking, Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches, Amy Kucharik, Rachael Sage, Big Bend Killing, Dom Flemons, Carolann Solebello, Cosy Sheridan, Connla, Tom Russell, Pharis & Jason Romero

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