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September 2, 2017

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Sandy Paton: I Never Go to Work (trad) The Many Sides of Sandy Paton Elektra 148
  3. Carolina Tar Heels: Ain't No Use Working So Hard (PD) Good For What Ails You Old Hat 1005 (from Songs from Sing Out!, Volume 55, Number 2, Winter 2013)
  4. Lowell Levinger: I'll Do Anything But Work (Ray Charles) Down to the Roots Grandpa Raccoon 5249
  5. David Roth: My Work Day (D.Roth-Jana Stanfield) Practice Makes Progress Wind River WR40382CD
  6. Stan Rogers: Working Joe Northwest Passage Fogarty's Cove 004
  7. The Waymores: We Ain't Afraid of Work (Don Henry-Sally Barris-Tom Kimmel) The Waymores self 00261-35267
  8. Rayna Gellert: Workin's Too Hard (R.Gellert) Storysound 161-019
  9. Magpie (Greg Artzner-Terry Leonino): The Popular Wobbly (Valentine "T-Bone Slim" Huhta) When We Stand Together Long Tail 008
  10. John McCutcheon: There Is Power in a Union (Joe Hill) Joe Hill's Last Will Appalsongs 2015
  11. Roy Zimmerman: The Unions Are to Blame You're Getting Sleepy Metaphor 924
  12. Tom Russell: The Sparrow of Swansea (for Dylan Thomas) (Tom Russell-Katy Moffatt) Folk Hotel Frontera 11
  13. Patrica McKernon: Swans of Swansea New Moon Sound Mind 101
  14. Pete Seeger: The Bells of Rhymney (P.Seeger/Idris Davies) Headlines & Footnotes Smithsonian Folkways 40111
  15. Anne Hills w/ Cindy Mangsen & Priscilla Herdman: Silken Dreams (A.Hills) Voices Flying Fish 70546
  16. Ian Robb and Hang the Piper: The Handloom Weaver's Lament (trad) Ian Robb and Hang the Piper Folk-Legacy 71
  17. Karan Casey: The Four Loom Weaver (trad, arr.Karan Casey-Donald Shaw) Distant Shore Shanachie 78053
  18. Art Podell: Blame It on the Russians Amsqosh 191924167211
  19. Christine Lavin: Turn This Ship Around Spaghettification self 88295-62285
  20. Steve Goodman: Moby Book (D.Amram/Goodman) Jessie's Jig Red Pajamas 010
  21. Bruce Cockburn: States I'm In Bone on Bone True North 678
  22. John McCutcheon: The Machine (private recording)
  23. Pete Seeger: Fighting Fascism Starts Right Here Pete Remembers Woody Appleseed 1131
  24. Pete Seeger: This Machine Kills Fascists Pete Remembers Woody Appleseed 1131
  25. Gathering Time w/ Mara Levine: Too Far to Turn Back Now (Stuart Markus) Treble-G 2017-2
  26. Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris (orig. soundtrk-Joe Masiell): The Statue (Jacques Brel-Francois Rauber, trans.Eric Blau-Mort Schuman) Atlantic 2-1000
  27. Christine Lavin: Peanut Butter Soup Spaghettification self 88295-62285
  28. Magpie: It's a Long Way Down to the Soup Line (Joe Hill) When We Stand Together Long Tail 008
  29. (Lynn) Adler & (Lindy) Hearne: Soup's On (Lindy Hearne-Lisa Aschmann) Second Nature Spring Hollow 35885-21472
  30. Tracy Grammer: Gypsy Rose (Dave Carter) Book of Sparrows self 34479-65308
  31. Sean McConnell: Beautiful Rose Undone self 91061-87016
  32. The Boxcar Lilies: Knockout Rose (Jenny Goodspeed) self 00261-42636
  33. Don Rigsby: Look Out Below (Carl Jackson-Roger Brown) The Midnight Call Sugar Hill 3958
  34. Gerard Hoffnung: I Then Became a Bricklayer A Last Encore BBC Worldwide 780563-536758
  35. Ed Snodderly: Falling Bones Dance Little Egypt & Other Attractions Majestic 211
  36. Willie Watson: Dry Bones (trad, via Bascom Lamar Lunsford) Folksinger Vol. 2 Acony 1714
  37. Magpie (Greg Artzner-Terry Leonino): The Banks Are Made of Marble (Les Rice) When We Stand Together Long Tail 008
  38. Arrogant Worms: Proud to Be a Banker C'est Cheese Worms AW-777-2
  39. Ry Cooder: No Banker Left Behind Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down Nonesuch 527407
  40. Magpie: The Mill Was Made of Marble (Joe Glazer) When We Stand Together Long Tail 008
  41. The Sweet Potatoes: Everytime (Laura Hall) Faith, Good Neighbors and a Telephone self 88295-06262
  42. Beckie Menzie & Tom Michael: Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper-Robt. Andrew Hyman) / Time After Time (Sammy Cahn-Jule Styne) (Folkstage - December 12, 2015) WFMT Recording
  43. Anne Hills: Every Time (Tom Paxton) The Things I Notice Now Appleseed 1133
  44. (Natalya) Zoe (Weinstein) & (John) Cloyd (Miller): Frontier Waltz Eyes Brand New self 00261-45200
  45. Uncle Bonsai: In the End (Andrew Ratshin) The Family Feast Yellow Tail 10029
  46. Walter Huston: September Song (Kurt Weill/Maxell Anderson) Broadway's Greatest Leading Men Decca 314541634-2
  47. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken In Love Long Tail 003-2

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Tom Russell, Christine Lavin, Bruce Cockburn, Magpie, Sean McConnell, Uncle Bonsai

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