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August 12, 2017

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Candide (orig.B'way cast-Robt.Rounesville-Barbara Cook): Oh Happy We (Leonard Bernstein/Richard Wilbur, et.al.) Sony 48017
  3. Howie Newman: When You're Happy, I'm Happy Too When You're Happy Major League 91061-09285
  4. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: Happytown (All Right With Me) (D.Carter) Tanglewood Tree Signature Sounds 1257
  5. Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle: Happy and Free Colvin & Earle Fantasy 38974-02
  6. Maxwell Street Klezmer Band: Abi Gezunt! (Be Healthy, Be Happy) (Ellstein/Picon) Sweet Early Years self 56951-85952
  7. Glen Campbell: Nothing But the Whole Wide World (Jakob Dylan) Ghost on the Canvas Surfdog 2-528496
  8. John Gorka: Whole Wide World So Dark You See Red House 223
  9. Pete Seeger, Tom Glazer, Hally Wood Faulk & Ronnie Gilbert: The Whole Wide World Around (J.S.Bach/Tom Glazer-Pete Seeger) Songs of Political Action - Pete Seeger 1946-1948 Bear Family 15 720
  10. Mahalia Jackson: He's Go the Whole World In His Hands (trad, arr.L.Brown) (Mandel Hall, University of Chicago, May 17, 1958) WFMT recording
  11. Candide (orig.orig.B'way cast-Barbara Cook): Glitter and Be Gay (L.Berstein/R.Wilbur) Sony 48017
  12. Tom Lehrer: We'll All Go Together When We Go (Hayman orchestrated version) The Remains of Tom Lehrer Warner-Rhino 79831
  13. Beyond the Fringe (orig.B'way cast): The End of the World The Complete Beyond the Fringe EMI 72438540452
  14. Barry McGuire: Eve of Destruction (PF Sloan) Time-Life's Treasury of Folk Music Time-Life 72434-99096-2-5
  15. The King & I (rev.cast - Barbara Cook): Whistle a Happy Tune (Rodgers/Hammerstein) Sony 53328
  16. Chris Ronald: Retirement Plan Fragments Borealis 248
  17. Jacob Miller & The Bridge City Crooners: Gotta Keep Keepin' On Pacific Ragtime self 00261-44092
  18. Kitty Donohoe: Do What You Love This Road Tonight Roheen 005
  19. John Spillane: The Best Is Yet to Come A Rock to Cling To EMI 6
  20. Glen Campbell: A Better Place (Glen Campbell-Julian Raymond) Ghost on the Canvas Surfdog 2-528496
  21. Nora Jane Struthers: Say Darlin' Say (trad,arr.Struthers) Nora Jane Struthers Blue Pig 1111
  22. The Early Mays (Ellen Gozion-Emily Pinkerton-Rachel Eddy): Say-O Chasing the Sun Bird on the Wing 003
  23. Sam Baker: Say the Right Words Land of Doubt self 16892-46754
  24. Glen Campbell: Witchita Lineman (Jimmy Webb) Country & Western Greatest Hits
  25. Leah Kaufman: Telephone Line Five Fingers Boojum 4001
  26. Peter Lehndorff: Love on the Line Signature Sounds 1236
  27. Leonard Cohen: Bird on the Wire Songs from a Room Columbia Legacy 88697-04740-2
  28. Firesign Theatre: Goddess Air Presents 'Hullo, Don't Worry!' Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death Rhino 75509
  29. Housetop: Do I Worry (Stanley Cowan-Bobby Worth) Two Foot Jumpin' self 00261-32509
  30. Mike West: No Worries Home Binky 1026
  31. Old Salt Union: On My Way (Justin Wallace) Old Salt Union Compass 74693-2
  32. Monica Rizzo w/ Mark Erelli: On My Way Washashore Cowgirl self 59716-18317
  33. Cyril MacPhee: I'm On My Way (Mark Haines) When I Say I Do Brakin' Tradition 0907
  34. Mandy Patinkin: Once Upon a Time (Chas.Stouse/Lee Adams) Mandy Patinkin CBS 44943
  35. Bruce Cockburn: Forty Years in the Wilderness Bone on Bone True North 678
  36. David Mallett: Somewhere in Time Midnight on the Water - Live North Star 71705
  37. Barbara Cook w/ Wally Harper, p.: Send in the Clowns (Stephen Sondheim) Sings Mostly Sondheim-Live at Carnegie Hall DRG 91464
  38. Applewood Road (Emily Barker-Amber Rubarth-Amy Speace): To the Stars (Adam Levy-Amber Rubarth) Applewood Road Gearbox 1531
  39. Pete's Posse (Tristan Henderson-Oliver Scanlon-Pete Sutherland): Up and Blow Away (Pete Sutherland) / Silver Bay (Oliver Scanlon) The Conversation Epact 126
  40. Sarah MacDougall: We're All Gonna Blow Away The Greatest Ones Alive Rabbit Heart 30159-01505
  41. The Great Comet of 1812 (orig.cast-Josh Groban): Dust and Ashes (Dave Malloy) Reprise 560020-2
  42. The Music Man (orig.B'way cast-Barbara Cook): Till There Was You (Meredith Willson) Angel 764663-2-3
  43. Sloan Wainwright: From This Day On Bright Side of a Rainy Day Derby Disc 00261-44799
  44. The Beatles: Till There Was You (Meredith Willson) Meet the Beatles! Capitol 7243866875-2-4
  45. Harpeth Rising: Westbound from Polaris (Jordana Greenberg) Against All Tides Grim Rising 88295-57111
  46. Kathy Kallick: North Star Matters of the Heart Sugar Hill 3820
  47. Sarah Sample & Edie Carey: North Star (Sarah Sample) 'Til the Morning Groundloop 88295-07348
  48. The Music Man (orig.B'way cast-Barbara Cook): Goodnight My Someone (Meredith Willson) Angel 764663-2-3
  49. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I'm Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken In Love Long Tail 003-2

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Chris Ronald, The Early Mays, Sam Baker, Old Salt Union, Bruce Cockburn, Applewood Road, Pete's Posse

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